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Evaluating English progress in Chinese Kindergarten?
I teach at a Chinese Kindergarten and they are asking me to evaluate the children's progess in English. These children are between the ages of 3 and 6. Are there any ideas or resources out there?


  1. I used to teach and was the assistant teaching director at a kindergarten back in Taiwan, and we would do 2 evaluations - one midyear, and one year end to check their progress. It really depends on what kind of material you are teaching and they are learning. We always had a format we followed: (1) reviewed numbers 1-100 (2) ABC's (3) 3 different nursery rhymes (all of our students learned different rhymes for each letter of the alphabet) (4) Colors (5) Shapes (6) Sentence structure - i.e. we would start off with a question and check their responses. (7) and for our older classes (usually the level 3 which is 5-6 year olds) we would ask them to recite word families and the words in each word family (i.e. -ar-, bar, car, jar, tar). We would take each student out individually in a quiet room to test them. We would use flashcards, objects, etc. Then after each student was done, both the English and Chinese teacher would make evaluations to parents to let them know their child's progress and any area that they needed improvement in. Hope this can give you some ideas or at least a starting point!