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Food Ideas For New Years Eve Questions Answered!
  1. Planning a new years eve party and not sure what food to have?

    planning a party at my house for new years eve this year and having some friends over. got a bar in my basement so the alcohol is good. need some food ideas..

  2. what are some good finger foods, munchies for new years eve party at a bar?

    We own a bar/restaurant and are having a new years eve party. We have sold the tickets that include everything throughout the night. Dinner is included, but we wanted to let the cooks have the night off after dinner. So what are some ideas for food or desserts we can put out there that people can munch on throughout the night? Any ideas?

  3. What are some foods you can eat when you have a stomach virus?

    My 9 yr old daughter is sick to her stomach. She is upset about missing out on our party foods tonight for new years eve. What are some things she can have? I am making her 2 kinds of jello, have saltine crackers, and she is drinking 7 up. Any other ideas that she could tolerate?

  4. What is something interesting to do on New Years Eve in New Orleans?

    I am spending New years eve in New orleans and was looking for something more interesting (or at least more tasteful) than spending it on bourbon st. Has anyone ever taken the new years steamboat cruise on the Natchez? Its $175 with an open bar, is it worth it? Is it only adults, or is it like a normal night when they allow children? I was asking about the kids because i didnt want to go somewhere with kids running around, NOT because i have kids to bring.

  5. What are some circus and carnival themed party ideas?

    A couple of friends and myself are going to have a new years eve party which is going to have a circus/carnival theme. Most of the people that are going to be there will be thirteen or fourteen, and think the idea is stupid. I am hoping to surprise them with a creative and original experience, I just need a little help. What are some ideas for decoration, lighting, costumes, activities, food, etc? Our budget is $75, give or take. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ♥

  6. How much would it cost for one persons Christmas food?

    ONLY UK MEMBERS PLEASE Reason being there bound to have more ideas on pricing . Basically i want all the essentials for Christmas just for me , i live alone so i want to go all out , turkey , Christmas pudding , Christmas cake , the full works. But can anyone write a massive list on here from your Christmas list. Also how much will it cost for Christmas food to last from Christmas to new years eve.

  7. What are some healthy foods I can have with my friends on New Years Eve?

    I'm having some friends over for New Years Eve and we can't drink yet or go out so I'm looking for some yummy (HEALTHY) recipes or ideas. I'm a good cook, but I'm a health nut. Any ideas?

  8. What kind of foods is suitable for this certain occasion?

    Can you give me some foods/ beverages that is given during christmas parties, new years eve celebrations or anything which you can think of? (school reunions, congratulatory, etc) but i'll prefer christmas parties and new years eve celebrations. Appetizer (5 examples) Main dish (5 examples) Dessert (5 examples) Beverages (5 examples) Make the foods fit for the certain occasion i just said and list down foods which kind of appeals elegant and decent enough to eat. i need ideas because ill be needing that for our gatherings this year. I need it asap. Thanks!!