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Ideas For New Year Celebration Questions Answered!
  1. Where can I watch live streams of New Year celebrations worldwide?

    I want to watch the live streams of new year celebrations around the world. Like in Dubai, Paris, London, and Rome. Don't say EarthCam, because they cameras are not good quality. Can I watch like BBC online. I live in the United States.

  2. What are some good Harry Potter room decorating ideas?

    For the last week of school, several groups of students are volunteering to decorate empty classrooms with different themes. We charge money after school one night for everyone to visit them and the money proceeds to an end-of-the-year celebration for all grades. Me and my friends (4 of us) decided to go with a Harry Potter theme. We're each gonna dress like 1 of the 4 houses, but we're lacking in ideas. Any suggestions?

  3. What Italian city is better to go for the New Year?

    Me and my husband want to travel to Italy for the New Year celebration. And I have no idea where it's better to go. We don't want too cold weather, no snow, the warmer, the better... I know there are a lot of great cities there - Rome, Venice, Piza, Florence, Milan etc., but all of them seem kind of far from each other, so it's impossible to visit everything on one trip... Where would you advice us to go? We will be there for 10-12 days

  4. Where can I find a decent Jazz/ Lounge club in Los Angeles for New Years?

    I am looking to drink scotch, perhaps smoke a cigar, and enjoy some classy music for my New Year Celebration, but I do not know where to begin. I'm looking for something slightly affordable and somewhat classy. Ideas?

  5. My friend and I need to make dinner for my family again tonight. Does anyone have suggestions for anything?

    We want to make something really fancy, sort of for an after New Years celebration. If possible we would like to have something simple but fancy. Also, if anyone has any special dessert ideas, we would appreciate them too. P.S. If you have any lasagna recipes that don't require ground beef I would like that too. Thanks again.

  6. What are some fun thing to do in New York City?

    My friends and I are graduating High School this June and as an end of the year celebration we are going to spend a night in the city. We're about an hour away so we will take the train as transportation but once we are there we don't know what we can do and what's available to us. Any good ideas? Restaurants? Shows? Stuff that a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds would like. Thank You!

  7. Where is a good place to buy neon dresses?

    For our end of the year celebration we are have a dance. The theme is (informal) neon. so i was wanting to buy a cute neon dress. Does anyone know where would be a good place? also throw in any other good ideas that i should do for my outfit. Thanks!

  8. Can i get my dog used to fireworks?

    I have a 3 and a half month old puppy and i was wondering if she could get used to fireworks? i don't want her to be a afraid at halloween or new years celebrations. Would it be a good idea to bring her to a fireworks display?

  9. Any idea about the new year bash Party celebration in Bangalore on 31st December?

    We are planning to celebrate new year in Bangalore, please help us to find out any DJ night or stage shows happening on 31st night....

  10. London New Year Music Played During The Fireworks?

    During the 2011 New Year celebrations in London, there was a great mix played during the fireworks. From what I can remember, it started with Club Foot by Kasabian, and also featured Tinie Tempah towards the end. Would anyone who saw this broadcast or has any idea which mix this is be able to help me find it, as it really was a great mix. Thanks in advance.