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Ideas For New Years Resolutions Questions Answered!
  1. What's the whole idea of new years resolutions? Is it a religious thing?

    I mean, who came up with it? It's not that much different than lent, where you are meant to give something up and keep to it for so long. With new years resolutions, its doing something and keeping to it. Seeing as lent is a purely religious thing, what i want to know is: did the idea of new years resolutions come from religion?

  2. Good new years resolutions for my girlfriend and I?

    I have a few ideas, but does anyone have any really cool ideas for new years resolutions for us to make together?

  3. What are the ideas that can help me in fulfill my new year resolutions.?

    What are the ideas that can help me in fulfill my new year resolutions like quit some habits and some other things cos im just having a kind of feelings that i won't i just don't know where those feelings are coming from.

  4. Do you think learning a new math formula each day is a good idea for a new years resolution?

    I see so many persons doing a learn a word a day as a new years resolution, so that at the end of the year they have learned quite a few new words for their understanding and vocabulary. Why not math formulas? It seems as if that would be a great advantage to all of us, especially students. I'm encouraging my children to do this, and I'm going to be brushing up on a new formula every day myself. What do you think of this idea?

  5. What are some of your new years resolution?

    I am a talk show host who will like to share your new years resolutions with the world. Help me make this new years talk show a blast. Thank you for your tips and ideas. Kindly keep them coming very quickly. The air time is Saturday 6th, Feb. 2007.

  6. What's your new years resolution going to be?

    I have a few ideas of what my new years resolution is gonna be but I want to see what other peoples resolutins are. Also I'm super bored lol thanks :)

  7. What is a good new years resolution for a 16 year old girl? ?

    I need a few good ideas for what my new years resolutions should be this year.

  8. What can I do to help myself get out of a years worth of repressed depression?

    I have been depressed for almost a year now and I have just said this to myself about a month ago and it is my new years resolution to get better. I don't want to tell anyone and I just have no idea what to do. I have talked to a counseller on the phone and currently through email but it isn't helping. Please help.

  9. What are you going to do to motivate yourself to keep your new years resolution?

    This year I made a list and I taped it to my door.. so I see it every morning before I leave for work.. hopefully this will help me since I tend to forget my New Years resolutions 2 wks. into the New Year...

  10. The New Year Resolutions: Things never work out the why you planned, so how do you cope with change?

    It is that time of year, new year resolutions are being made, the new you is envisioned in your head, but how is the best way to change? Is it little steps or plunge in at the deep end? How do you cope with making changes? Or is the new year just too much pressure to make the changes and best to wait until another time?