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Ideas For New Years Eve Questions Answered!
  1. What are some fun ideas for celebrating new years eve with 3 kids that I'm babysitting tonight?

    I am babysitting three kids tonight (6, 11, 13) on new years eve. Does anyone have any quick ideas on how to make New Years Eve fun for them too? I don't really have time to go out and buy supplies (craft stuff, food) so simpler ideas would be appreciated.

  2. What is there to do in Austin TX on New Years Eve this year?

    I need ideas for new years eve this year. Help! I'd like to do something more like a club or bar.

  3. Ideas for a new years eve wedding and possible color schemes?

    My fiance and I are planning on having a new years eve wedding, and have the reception go into the new year complete with fireworks and a party! What would be some good ideas for our wedding?

  4. What are some double date ideas for new years eve in fort collins, coloardo?

    My best friend and I wanted to plan a scavenger hunt for new years eve for our boyfriends, but it just snowed. Any cute double date ideas while out in town?

  5. I am in a new relationship and what are some ideas I can use for New Years Eve before Midnight?

    I need some ideas for New Years eve with my new boyfriend. Any ideas?

  6. What are some new year related activities for a new years eve party?

    Something like guess the top movies of this year? Maybe something a little more exciting? What can we do in the hour or so before the ball drops to get everyone into the spirit? (Any other new years eve ideas or activities would be awesome too!) Its for teens btw, so no drugs or drinking.

  7. Ideas for hosting a new years eve party at home with only a few friends?

    I have decided to have a mini New Years eve party at my house! I've already rang my friends but only a few are coming. I am already aware that Ill need food, drinnks, movies and music. Does anyone have any ideas that we'll make it that extra bit special? Thanks xx

  8. What is the best way to get a cab in downtown Sacramento on New years eve?

    Im gonna be in old Sacramento for new years eve until about 1:30 am. I have called numerous cab companies but no one is taking reservations for certain times. Does anyone have any idea of how not to have to wait for 3 hours for a cab. We have no D.D.

  9. Is going to a bowling alley by yourself on new years eve a bad idea or good?

    I am 21 and I have no friends and my idea was to make friends on new years eve somehow.

  10. What are you pregnant women doing for new years eve?

    I am going to be 7months pregnant and have no idea what I will do for new years eve? cant really go anywhere cause I don't feel comfortable in crowds being so big, but don't wanna stay on the couch either. Any idea?