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New Year Outdoor Decor Questions Answered!
  1. how to keep the squirls away from punkins?

    I love using punkins for outdoor decor, each year the critters get ahold of them. Is there anything I can put on the punkins to keep critters for tearing them apart ?

  2. Do you think lawn art would add value to my home?

    I had the front done in a French Classic style and I like it very much. But I've been told by the local patio and outdoor decor company that I need to "spruce" it up a bit. Add a little color. I rather like pink flamingos (they remind me of my time in Africa) but I am also concerned if they will actually add any value. I would need about 250 of them to make a statement, as was suggested by the salesman. My other concern is if they would attract the local hunters. I dare say, many of them don't seem the sober type.

  3. What are some good outdoor wedding color schemes?

    I'm not engaged. However, I really want to have an outdoor wedding in the country somewhere. What are some good color schemes for outdoor, country weddings?

  4. I just got engaged but the wedding is in 3 years, what can I do at this time?

    My fiance will be going on a two year mission for church so we aren't having the wedding for 3 years. However I want to start looking or gathering ideas but a lot of places require appointments and I'm not planning on buying invitations or a dress soon. So should I go look around or just wait for a closer date? And if I wait, is there anything I can do now?

  5. What is a Christmas tradition/activity that brings the family close and feel the joy of the season?

    This year, my family added baking Christmas shaped cookies. It was a fiasco, but it was a great time. We go to a local church that puts on a Christmas play, and we walk around a neighbor with festive lights all over the place and watch xmas movies almost every night. What could we add to bring us closer? Next year me and my sis will both be in college, and I want a special family Christmas when I get home

  6. What are the best things to do and see in NYC in December?

    My cousin and myself (both in our mid 20's) are planning on making our second trip to NYC for a long weekend in December. We went last year in May, so we've already seen most of the "touristy things". Are there any specific things to see or do in the winter? Also looking for some fun restaurants and bars to check out.

  7. What type of materials can I use for an outdoor birthday party??? the theme is Super mario.?

    I am throwing my twins a super mario birthday party, and I'll be making all of the decorations myself. I need advise as to what materials to use for the centerpieces, theme decor, etc. It will be in a park and its usually very windy that time of the year. Hope you guys can help!!!

  8. How can I get on the show my fair wedding?

    My wedding is going to be an outdoor military wedding, but we don't really have the money for what I am looking for. I was hoping to get on the My Fair Wedding show. How do I go about doing that? obviously I need to audition. Where do I go? And are there rules to doing it?

  9. In decorating, who decides whats IN and whats OUT?

    One year bright colored walls are OK, now not, formerly, big bulky furniture, now small compact.