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  1. What are some good hot weather dogs that dont shed?

    I live in Las Vegas and I run year round and would like a dog to run with. I generally run mid-day when the sun is strongest (dont ask me why). But what dogs can withstand strong heat, have alot of energy, and if possible, ones that dont shed. Im obviously not going to take my dog on a trail hike in 110 degree weather.

  2. Will the major leagues be made up of strictly Hispanic and Oriental players at some future point?

    Since 1994,The trend seems to be moving in that direction, especially in the case of Orientals ( Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc . ) . The number of Hispanic players continues to increase, as well . Meanwhile, there are a lot less blacks in the majors than there were 40 or 50 years ago . How do I know this ? Because I was around then and remember well . And as far as Caucasians playing the game goes, they are also declining . Since 1994, I've lived about a half a mile from a park that allows for all types of outdoor sports . When I first moved here, there were lots of kids playing baseball and softball in the summertime . Not anymore, though . In the case of boys, there are many more of them playing football these days than there are playing baseball, and that goes for all skin colors . Yep, by mid century or so, I have to believe the majors are gonna be comprised of largely Hispanics and Orientals . So, whadda you think ? I am right or wrong ?

  3. Me and my friends are going on a our final trip before college next fall in Houston, what are some ideas?

    Me and my four best friends are taking a trip from our hometown of Des Moines to Houston this July and we are in need of some fun high school students going into college ideas. We are going to the big water park and an astros game, what else would you suggest? Night clubs...anything...keep in mind we are 18.

  4. What are good ideas for homemade christmas presents for parents?

    I have no idea what to make for my parents for christmas, I know its like another month or so but I dont have much time so i like to start earlier than everyone else! Anyway, I cant thinlk of anything to make for them, I have looked online but I still have no idea! I have a limit on money. Theres this craft shop in town thats quite cheap but only has basic things like coloured card. Any ideas? Thanks =D

  5. Looking at a job in Portland, OR. What are the pros and cons I should consider for relocating?

    I currently live in Madison, WI. I am trying to find out what makes Portland unique, why I would want to live there, what might keep me away. Any recommendations on what I should do while I am out there for the job interview?

  6. Any ideas for an Asian princess birthday party?

    My niece wants to have a Japanese/Asian birthday party. We need ideas! We have chop sticks and fortune cookies. Any ideas you have would be great. She's going to be 8.

  7. what are some fun things to do in nyc during the summer time?

    I have a friend visiting from Germany and he wants to do fun things in nyc. What are somethings we can do in nyc that might be fun but not too expensive. I'm 18 and he is 19 (so no alcohol hehe..) Maybe some stores we can visit and shop at. I was thinking maybe going to chinatown or koreatown an eat or do karaoke, maybe go to times square, the empire state building and maybe the Bronx zoo.. any other ideas?? He loves Chinese culture btw but i want to do things together.

  8. What do you think South Africa is like?

    I'm from south africa and people from over seas think its like the african sahara dessert and pollution. No South africa is a Green and beautiful country. It has great technology like america etc. South Africa is a beautiful country with a broad mixture of people, languages and cultures. Images of the country's attractions, such as Table Mountain and the capital city of Cape Town, are well known throughout the world. Overseas students who choose to study in South Africa will find plenty to do in their spare time. The warm climate means that there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, including surfing, hang-gliding and searching for lions, leopards and cheetahs in one of the country's many game parks and reserves. Language studies Races and cultures in South Africa •Indians( Hindi / Tamil / Muslims/Chritian Indians) •Africans(isiZulu,Zulu Xhosa , Tsonga, Tswana , Sotho, Swati Language, Sotho, Venda Ndebele •Whites( Bristish/ some Europeans/ Afrikaaners) •Coloureds( Mixture of Races) • Other Asian Races( Chinese and Japense) The Languages people speak: Afrikaans Language , English Language, Zulu Language Hindi north indian language Tamil South Indian language Muslim Language Xhosa Language, Tsonga Language, Tswana Language, Sotho, Southern Language, Swati Language, Sotho, Northern Language, Venda Language, Ndebele Language There are 9 provinces(provinces I like KZN and Western Cape(Cape Town) South Africa has Great Shopping malls, accessories,Movies and More.. And there are hardly natural disasters in South Africa. There's so much to learn about South Africa and people who judges , How can yourl judge when you haven't been to south africa

  9. Can I have some information on the qing ming chinese festival?

    thanks, for a project.