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  1. What is the best gaming system out there?

    I am 23 and hubs is 25, I am a stay at home momma but am wanting to buy a gaming system that will allow me to exercise (its cold here about 7 months of a year so outdoor activities are minimal). I am looking at: Wii Xbox (kinect) PS3 (move) Thanks for your advice!

  2. How can I lose weight without the gym or much outdoor activities?

    Okay, I'm 5ft8, 21 years old and I weigh 75Kg. That weight would be great if I was made of muscle, but all I have is man-boobs and fat. I want to get into shape, although I don't have gym access and I can't do many outdoor activities. I'm too embarrassed to train at home due to space and people judging me. How can I lose weight quickly? Say within 3 months or so. I want to at least be slim weighing 60Kg or so. I can't afford pills nor do I want to use them.

  3. what outdoor what activities can we do near Atlanta, or elsewhere in Georgia?

    We are planning on moving to Atlanta at the end of the year. Another option is to stay in Florida. Would like to know what outdoor activities can we do near Atlanta, or elsewhere in Georgia. How warm is the winter?

  4. What is the best city for nightlife and outdoor activities in the US or Canada?

    My boyfriend and I want to move to a new city in June or July of 08. We want a place with tons of nightlife and outdoor activities such as (not limited to) hiking, biking, or skiing. My boyfriend and I want to move to a new city in June or July of 08. We want a place with tons of nightlife and outdoor activities such as (not limited to) hiking, biking, or skiing. We are from Sacramento, and in our early 20's.

  5. Outdoor activities for seven one to three year old children?

    Outdoor activities for seven one to three year old children, can be in a park or in a backyard.

  6. Any ideas on what a divorced father can do with his almost 15 year old daughter during Sunday visits?

    I've been visiting my daughter every Sunday since she was 4 years old, but now that she's a teenager I've run out of ideas on what we can do together. Lately we've just been having lunch together or maybe a movie. It's cold here in the northeast this time of year (Boston area) so outdoor activities are out for now. I'd just like to do something fun and original once in a while. Any ideas?

  7. Tips and some answers to important questions on moving to hawaii from Long Island,NY?

    I currently live in Long Island. It is very pricey to live here and I can no longer justify spending so much money to TRY to live in a state I truly dislike (people, environment, landscape, WEATHER, job market, etc). Im 23 and i don't want to spend the best years of my life slaving to live somewhere im not happy and truly don't feel I will be able to make it, I've lived here my whole life and need a change which is the reason why I've been looking into moving to hawaii. I'm just looking to get opinions on how logical of a decision it is to move and a roundabout budget of how much I should save to move there. I have enough hawaiian airlines miles for a one way ticket there, I don't have a car to ship and I want to try and get a job/ place to live before moving there considering I don't want to be homeless is also worth mentioning that I am not planning to move until I complete my college degrees (one semester left) in retail management and also hospitality management and until my 3 dogs meet the dept of agriculture's quarantine requirements so I have time to save money, look for job opportunities and sort out the best Island/ neighborhood in hawaii for me to live (open to suggestions). Basically just looking for tips or advice on making the move or living and paying the price to live in hawaii. I don't mind working 2 jobs if I had to do so to live decent, I'm just looking for a better quality of life & I don't mind paying the price for it. Cost of living is relatively the same as where I live in Long Island but quality of life...not so much. Couple questions I do have: Which island is best for a young couple? (Not sure about Oahu because it is so highly populated, looking for an neighborhood or island that is not too crowded that i feel like im back in ny but no so rural that is impossible to meet people) How long does it take to get a date your pet is eligible to enter the state without being quarantined after providing the dept of agriculture with all the necessary paperwork? How realistic is it for me to find a job in the retail or hospitality industry and be able to support myself? Will I have to work two jobs? Is there a lot of work if you are a carpenter/ general contractor? Will I be able to find places to rent that are pet friendly enough to allow my 3 medium sized dogs? Is hawaii an easy place to make friends? Which island has the most stuff to do for residents? Looking for island with best hikes, beaches, nightlife... Stuff to do or places that are easy to meet friends, I don't wanna just chill with the tourists I want to meet local people who I can develop friendships with. I'm not worried bout island fever (because I live on an island I never have occasion to leave as is) but I want stuff to do I don't want to be bored( not a huge issue because living in hawaii I have the whole year to spend doing outdoor activities as opposed to ny) How bad is racism towards mainlands, really!? I've had people in ny who I tell I am planning to move to hawaii and they are like "they hate white people there, Hawaiians are racist and mean to mainlands because they don't want you there, why would you want to live there?" And I always say "there's racism everywhere" I'm assuming its just like here in NY, you get what you give. If you act rude you probably will have someone tell you go home haole but I'm not worried I'm a good person and I'm only coming to hawaii for my love of the islands and to enjoy life. This question was just to prove to ignorant people i know who think hawaiians are racist. Appreciate other cultures and ways of life, respect people and treat people how you like to be treated and you probably have no problems, right? Weird question: what are gun laws like in hawaii? (My fiance collects guns and goes shooting at a range...he's not a mass murderer lol.)How does one transport guns that are owned in another state to hawaii? (He has a couple collectible guns and one given to him by his grandfather that I don't think he would selling) Do I need to get a drivers license from hawaii right away or is a ny one sufficient for a while? If do choose to get a license do I need to take another road test or can I transfer it somehow? How are people attitudes towards smoking marijuana? I know it's legal to grow with proper licensing. Also if there is any more information available about legally growing on the island that would be helpful because this is an extremely illegal hobby where I currently live. I guess that's all the questions I have but am open to any and all information, tips, opinions or advice that you can share. Please don't suggest other places to move to I have done research and my fiancé and I have decided hawaii is right. Thanks

  8. My Hubby and I are moving to the Miami area soon from Chicago. What is a good area to live?

    We are sick of the cold and high COL in Chicago. We don't have kids yet but will within the next few years. We love outdoor activities and want to live close or at least near the beach. Currently we live in downtown Chicago and like the city life but as long as downtown Miami is a short drive away it will work for us. We work from home so a job is no issue. Please help us with suggestions. Thanks. Thanks for you of your answers! They were all very helpful to us. We are heading to Miami in April for a week and will check out all the suggested neighborhoods.

  9. How to get involved in more outdoor activities?

    Okay so i'm 18 years old in my last year of sixth form and im looking to join some kind of organization to do outdoor activities such as sailing, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, archery etc in but I can't seem to find any. I know they have scouts/ explorers but im too old for that, and all the other clubs seem to be made up of people much much older than me which is a shame. Im from the midlands by the way (worcestershire area.) does anyone know of any thing suitable? cheers!:)

  10. Looking for an outdoor activity to do as a family any ideas?

    I have a young family ages 7, twins five and a one year old daughter and am looking for (preferably) and outdoor activity to do as a family, i don't think walking would be very stimulating for the children, so this isn't of interest. Was thinking about something a bit more exciting but not sure what we can all do. I can arrange to have my one year old looked after (and tbh she spends a full sunday with her dad) so that would be the perfect opportunity to do something with my boys. Any thoughts?