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Happy New Year Outdoor Lighting Questions Answered!
  1. Why does my outdoor lighting system turn on every night for about half a second and then turn off?

    I have an outdoor lighting system for my front walkway. It is powered by a Malibu ML200RT Low Voltage Transformer. When the transformer is plugged in, and the timer turns the system on, all the lights turn on for about half a second and then they turn off the whole night until the next day, when the processes repeats. I opened up the Malibu transformer and it was filled with water. So, I kept it open for a few days to let it dry. It's now been dry inside my house for over 10 days. However, I still have the same problem. The lights will turn on briefly and then off, I can't get it to repeat until the next day. What's odd is that the Malibu's internal timer keeps working. I'm assuming the Malibu transformer is the problem since it was filled with water. However, who knows? It's worked fine for about three years or so. One other detail, the lights on the walk way are Malibu 11 watt CS14P lights. There are 10 of them. Can I fix the transformer or do I have to buy a new one?

  2. What would happen if a 5 year old outdoor bunny is kept inside?

    I am about to adopt a five year old bunny, but I want to keep it inside. Will that effect it in any way?

  3. What do I buy the best yet cheapest spotlights for lighting up the outside halloween decor?

    I have many more props this year, last year I lacked lighting. I have strobe lights but I just wanted regular lights for some stuff. I just want to plug them in and run the cords. Where do I find them, where they are simple, cheap, and durable? Thanks

  4. How long do you leave your outdoor Christmas lights up after the holidays?

    Day after Christmas? After New Years? After it stops snowing? Never?

  5. How to convince my mother not to give our future address to my brother?

    We're going to move house soon, and we've been going through a lot of bad stuff with my brother (ever since i was 7 and now I'm 15) All through my childhood my bro, Aaron, was the best anyone could have, he always promised things like one day he would be riding me to school in a buggy (the car) and all sorts of other stuff. Then one day he met his now girlfriend, who was a complete life-sucking control freak. All of a sudden his life and dreams revolved around her with no room for anyone else in it. He became ratty, quiet, distant, lost his huge sense of humour (can still laugh at comedians, but doesn't go looking for them now) and he never cracks a joke himself anymore, he refrains from farting (which he used to find it funny) and has had my mother in tears trillions of times also sending her into depression many times. The other year mother had a cancer scare, and my brother couldn't care less, he offered to take her 'only because he was passing that way' Keeping in mind my other hasn't done anything to abuse him, she worships him and they take advantage of her. When I was 13 I was at Girl Guides and we were going to the Big Gig (A concert for Guides over the country where you saw big bands like The Wanted) A week in advance, mum asked Aaron to pick me up, 1;00 in the morning when we returned. He said yes. The day came, we were heading towards the coach that would take us girls there, and mum received a text from Aaron saying he couldn't pick me up. So at the end of the day me and Mum (who can't drive) had to trudge all the way home (2 miles) at 1 in the morning through a town and road (which was bare of houses) where druggies, drunks and other odd people lurked, luckily my other brother, Jamie, showed up unexpectedly and accompanied us half way back. (the least dangerous part -.-) There's been all sorts of stuff like that, once we moved (Aaron moved us and kept yelling at me, and dumped the furniture in the most unhelpful places, where we could barely move, mum was paying him to do it, and yet Aaron thought himself in charge) we went a year without seeing him. About June 2012 he came back, He'd come once a week, would give a day but not a time, he'd come through the door, sit on the chair, and text his GF whilst completely ignoring us, why does he even come? And he's like a zombie, there's no life to him, he causes negative energy in the air, Now Christmas 2012 came, he visited us Christmas day, But haven't seen him again since. We wished him a happy new year through text, he never replied, then sent a text a few days ago saying his business had been busy. So first his girlfriend and now his business (he runs an outdoor activity place, along with a lady) pushes us out his life? He seems to think we 'Need' him. When now I'm just thinking, 'After all these years, you're not worth it''. I hate him with a burning passion, Mum's in shock with the fact he hasn't bothered with us since Christmas day, we'll be moving soon, haven't told him, we're getting the plan ready, just need some test results back from the docs (my mother has either porphyria or Lupus, she's 57 yrs old) and we'll be ready to apply for elderly housing, and mum doesn't want to hurt Aaron by not giving him the address. He's (Along with my harassing Sociopath sister, who we've just threatened with the police) making her ill, for the health and concern of my mother, Aaron cannot come near her! He's taking the mic of her hospitality and it's maker her rashes worse, (Her illness causes her to be allergic to light and certain foods, a rash comes up up around her mouth arms and hands, stress makes it much worse and very painful).I just don't know what to do...I love my mum to death and don't want to see her took advantage of, especially now she's not physically well.

  6. For an outdoor, exposed wall mural, what media is best? How do I prep wall and seal it after completion?

    I am supervising a team of high school students that will be creating an outdoor mural at a neighboring school. We want the mural to withstand the elements and to last for years to come. The mural will be painted on a textured concrete surface, that has already been painted.

  7. Can you recommend me some good aviator sunglasses?

    I'm looking for some good, fairly cheap aviator sunglasses. If any of you know some good brands and could post a link I'd be happy. The best answerer gets ten points. Thanks.

  8. What is a good dog breed for our lifestyle?

    Hello, I am hoping for some advice on getting a dog. My boyfriend and I live in the countryside, with a large secure garden and a dog flap (left from the previous owner). We also have a very friendly 5 year old ragdoll-cross cat, who isn't tested with dogs but has proven to be very adaptable. We don't have children but have young nieces and nephews (0-3 years old). We will probably have children in the dog's lifetime. We would love to own a dog, both for companionship and for outdoor activities (in particular jogging) however the catch is we both work full time and so are out of the house 10-12 hours a day (7am until 5-7 pm). If we were to get a dog, we would have a dog walker for an hour each day, would play / go for a shorter walk (or a jog but of course weather and light permitting, so mainly in the summer) in the evening and lots of play, runs and off-lead walks at the weekend. We would also like to attend training classes to learn basic commands and some tricks. The dog would have free access to the garden throughout the day via the dog flap. As with many people we would love to have a puppy but of course realise that this timetable is not puppy-friendly, and so would need to get an older dog. My first question is: Does what I've described sound sufficient for a dog, or would they still go stir crazy? My second question is: Assuming the dog walker and our evening/weekend company and exercise is adequate, can anyone recommend a breed that would suit this lifestyle? Having done a little research I am keen on gun-dogs due to their companionship and obedience. We want to take the dog jogging (5-10km) so don't want a toy dog. I am worried about terriers digging their way out of the garden during the day! I absolutely love Hungarian Vizslas, not only because of they physical appearance but because of their loving natures, however am aware of their high exercise and human company requirements. We would also be more than happy with a mongrel / cross but are concerned about the serious behavioural issues that can come with a rescue dog (of course not always, but it can be unpredictable). Thanks for reading my long question; any advice is very welcome!

  9. What is the best method for outdoor landscape lighting?

    Some have them setting in their shrubbery. Some have the attached to the house. What is the best way?

  10. Can you make an indoor cat an outdoor cat?

    I got a new kitty, but she's hyper like crazy. If she were to go outside and release all her energy, we'd be much happier inside. She's about a year old, and has been an indoor cat for that long. Problem is that we live one house away from an extremely busy road, and I dunno if she'll get hit by a car. Should I kick her outside every once in a while?