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New Year Outdoor Decorations Questions Answered!
  1. Where is the best place to buy Christmas decorations?

    I've just moved into a dead-end circle neighborhood that consist of 5 houses. The neighbors love to compete and go all out with the lights every year. Please recommend me some good places to buy outdoor decorations/lighting. Today I made trips to stores like Wal-mart and Target but there was really nothing special. Thanks for any help.

  2. Should I shop the Christmas decoration sale NOW or after Christmas?

    I need outdoor decorations, will they all be sold out after Christmas? Do you think the current sales are good enough? I bought indoor Christmas stuff afterwards last year, but this year after Halloween I could barely find any decorations.

  3. When will you start planning for Christmas?

    Just wondering when everyone is planning for Christmas. Planning meaning shopping, getting ready for parties, creating Christmas list etc. I already started planning what to do for our outdoor decorations.

  4. what can i seal painted wood cutouts with?

    In the 80s my dad made a bunch of life size flat wood cutouts of different halloween figures. Since then he died and now the paint is starting to come off. I know he bought some kind of sealer that had to be applied to the cutouts every year but I don't know what it was or where it came from. They are outdoor decorations but I don't know what kind of paint or other materials were used to make them. Any ideas as to what kind of sealer could be used?

  5. Should we celebrate Christmas if we know it will offend people of other faiths?

    It's almost Christmas time again and I'm scared. Last year my neighbour almost came to blows with a man down the street. The man told my us to remove our Christmas tree's from public view (we had outdoor decorations) because they upset his family and his relatives who all live down the road. My neighbour who I think could be a racist told him to go back to where he came from. What is a peaceful way to resolve this conflict?

  6. I know it is early to start thinking about this but how could I decorate the balcony for christmas?

    We just moved from a house that we shared with another family into an apartment and we don't have any of our own outdoor decoration. I want to use white lights on the railing but I also want something tasteful to make it stand out. My mom says that she'll pay for anything as long as it is under $50.00 and she likes it too. My sister isn't really all that interested.

  7. Where can I find 6 ft tall christmas light bulb decorations?

    I have seen pictures of 6 ft tall christmas light bulb (C9 Replicas) that were used as an outdoor decoration.

  8. Battery Operated Outdoor Christmas Decorations - where can I find?

    I have no outlets on the exterior of my house. I would like to put out some kind of light up Christmas decoration. Where can I find battery operated outdoor decorations? I have an outlet in my enclosed porch. I do not want to have my glass door open (the wind could catch it and it would let air in) in order to plug in outside Christmas lights. AND my garage does not have any electricity. I'm not that dumb... Thanks all, my search is on! :-D

  9. What type of paint should I use to paint outdoor wooden decorations?

    They are between one and 3 feet tall so I don't want to just purchase small acrylic tubes of paint. Should I be using outdoor wooden house paint? I need a few different colors. I can probably use acrylic craft paint for the details since I do plan to varnish these. Any suggestions? Just to specify, I'm looking for specific paint TYPE suggestion, not color. Thanks!

  10. Who does the most to get ready for Christmas at your house?

    I do most everything, Christmas cards, shopping, baking, cooking, decorating inside the house, plans for Christmas Day/dinner, tree trimming, etc. My husband does the outdoor lights/decorations and puts the tree in the stand and the lights on. How about your house? Just curious if it's usually a woman in your house who does most everything.