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  1. How to prepare for playing soccer next year for first time?

    So I'm going into high school this august, and I am a girl and I want to play soccer. I haven't played for a long time, the only time I've played was when I was 5 and it was indoor soccer, and I want to do outdoor. I am really nervous though because I have never played real soccer. I know I have to get all the equipment, like cleats and shin guards and stuff. I am also nervous by being "judged" by other girls since some will have been playing for a long time, and I haven't. I have some friends who I think are going to do soccer, too. So, can I have any types of brands you recommend for everything I need to buy, granted I don't want ones that are too expensive. Also, how can I prepare to learn and practice, like what exercises can I do and how can I practice effectively on passing and dribbling and juggling and things like that? I know I have until spring of next year, so I have quite some time, but I want to be prepared. So if you can give me ANY info you have for how to get good at playing, what things to buy and types of them that are good, and any info on girls high school soccer, I would be SO thankful! thank you!! also, I have a second cousin who played soccer all throughout high school, so I'm going to ask her to help me practice and for some tips, too. and if any of you know, how does girls HS soccer go? like the practices and sign-ups and everything, thanks again

  2. Where are the best places to spring break in Florida?

    Me and my boyfriend are going on April 1st to April 5th 2013 and we need help deciding where to go in Florida. We are only 20 so we also need a place that will let us check in being under 21. Also are budget is low for the hotel. Please help!

  3. where can I find official weather records for my area?

    I am planning an outdoor wedding in may of 2013. I live in southern california so the weather is usually great but I just want to search my local weather records to see if there has been any rain or unusual weather in the month of May going back at least a few years.

  4. Travelling to london in summer, What to do & see?

    So in June I am planning on spending some time in England. I want to find a place to stay in London so any inexpensive places would be helpful! I have family in Northampton so I may be staying there for some of my time as well. I am coming over from the U.S so I feel a bit blind, not having been over in 5+ years it will be like a new experience. -Mostly looking for good & inexpensive places to stay -Tasty places I must try I am a portrait photographer so I am also on the lookout for awesome locations to shoot. Mostly outdoor but if you know of any indoor inexpensive studios, please share :) I hope to stay 3-6 weeks and I really want to get the most out of my trip. Seeing the best London/England has to offer. Any helpful travelling tips/ advice on what to see, where to eat and what to do is greatly appreciated!

  5. what fruits to plant that will set fruit early 2014?

    A gooseberry plant I bought (Hinnomaki Green) mentioned on the box that if it is planted Sept - Oct 2013 it will fruit 2014 in May. Other sources such as sellers on ebay reckon theirs will fruit June - July but perhaps they are only selling the root ball, not sure? What other Fruits or even Veg's can be planted now which will overwinter in South UK Climate and produce early perhaps from April through till Summer? Any recommendations on gooseberry varieties? thanks

  6. Can you give me a beginners workout for someone who's only been lifting for 3 months?

    It also needs to include sprinting since I need to include that because I do indoor and outdoor track and in serious about it. I need to bulk up. And don't say to ask my coach or anything like that because I did, I'm just looking for input from other people. I'm trying to workout on legs (quads and hamstrings) definitely but also biceps, triceps, abs and chest. I'm 15 and can only bench 5 reps of 110 and can squat 5 reps of 130. But I'm pretty fast in freshman year u could run a 200 in 24 seconds and a 100 in 11.7.

  7. Should I buy DECK stock because the company is getting acquired?

    Here are the details of the deal: The VF Corporation agreed on Sunday to buy the Deckers Outdoor Corporation (DECK), the maker of the popular UGG boots, for about $2.7 billion in cash, paying a big premium in an effort to bolster its outdoor clothing offerings. VF, which already owns lines like Wrangler, 7 for All Mankind and Timberland, will add UGG’s to a stable of outdoor brands like the North Face and Eastpak. Eric C. Wiseman, VF's chairman and chief executive, described the UGG deal on Sunday as a "transformative" acquisition that will add footwear to his company's fastest-growing unit. "We are confident in our ability to take big brands and make them bigger," he said during an interview. Still, VF is paying up: Under the terms of the deal, it will pay $74 a share, a more than 90 percent premium to DECK’s Friday closing price. VF executives appeared confident that it could wring profits by improving DECK’s business performance, primarily by folding it into the apparel giant's global platform and cutting costs. In DECK, VF also sees an opportunity to expand its presence overseas. Though DECK’s popularity in the United States surged years ago, the brand remains popular in high-growth markets like China. The company also has a foothold in Japan, where VF is still building out its presence. VF executives expect to reap benefits from the DECK deal soon after its closing, which is expected in the first quarter of 2013. DECK is expected to begin adding to VF's earnings by 3.63 dollars a share this year and 4.65 dollars next year, excluding acquisition costs. Shares in DECK are expected to soar at market open tomorrow.

  8. Is there a good place for an outdoor wedding in Fargo, ND?

    My fiance and I will be getting married summer 2013 and we want to have an outdoor sunset wedding. The problem is the parks all close at sunset. Is there someplace I am overlooking? We have a very small budget so a country club is out of the question.

  9. What's some advice for visiting Fairbanks over Christmas?

    I'm from Southern California and I'm visiting Fairbanks this december. What's some advice? How cold is it really? What are some must-see activities?

  10. Is it too late to start being healthy?

    When I was 14 I was an athletic teenager, I did aerobics and I always participated in athletic activities in school. Sadly, when I started going to college I become utterly unhealthy! I stopped doing any form of exercise; the problem is that I live in a country where it’s almost impossible to do outdoor activities. So when I stopped doing aerobics at the gym my lifestyle became completely inactive. I went to the gym several times but not enough to make an impact on my health, I wasn’t committed. During those years I ate all kinds of junk food, I used to eat burgers almost every day and used to drink soda all the time, and I loved chocolates and biscuits and ate them on a daily basis. I also acquired the habit of chain smoking. (I started smoking in January 2012 and stopped in 4 March 2013.) Ten years later, I became overweight and unhealthy. My skin is dull, my hair is thin and dry, and I had to pass on those lovely skinny jeans and short dresses. I’m sad because I’ve wasted my 20s in being unhealthy and not taking care of myself. I’m 28 years old now and I really want to lose weight and start being healthy! So I started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, I walk everyday on the treadmill for 30 minutes and do muscle training for 30 minutes. My problem and my biggest concern is that I still feel breathless and weak during after every workout, I can barely finish those 30 minutes of walking (speed 4.7 km/h.) So I’m concerned about my age, is it really too late to start being healthy now? I know 28 is still young, but I’m sure that what I did to my body in the past have somehow ruined my health and accelerated my aging process. Maybe that’s why I still feel breathless and weak.