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  1. What are some good ideas for homemade christmas crafts?

    Every year we make christmas crafts for all of our aunts, we've made sleighs, candles, wreaths, dish towel racks, table runners and many other things so far but we're running out of ideas. We make candy and cookies to go with it but would like to have something else.

  2. How to makeover a school conference room?

    My elementary school has a conference room with a mish-mash of items. The soundproofing on the walls is gray (on one wall). The carpet is red - yikes, but no changing that. The room is very dark and dingy with old furniture that does not go together. I'm trying to give it a makeover to make it a calming pleasant place to be - not a dark dungeon. My first thought - chair covers; maybe a table runner in a bright color; and some sort of window treatment with color. One wall is a white board (floor to ceiling), another is the gray soundproofing and the other two are a beige type color (maybe once upon a time white). There are 3 small windows - but being in Alaska it doesn't bring in much light during the winter. Any ideas to make this dark dreary room into a beautiful comfortable space?

  3. What is the best way to improve mile times for a cross country runner?

    I'm going into my junior year next year, and I would just like to know some tips for improving my mile average during races. My best this past year was 6:23 miles on a flat 2.5 mile course.

  4. How do I fatten up my 2 year old German Shepherd dog?

    Our dog is around 2 1/2 years old. He is a smaller German Shepherd. I realize that, but he is too small. We always have food out for him, but he just doesn't eat enough. Is there anything (fairly cheap) that I can give him to put some meat on his bones?

  5. What is the optimal diet for a competitive high school runner?

    I have a chance to make it far in terms of running track this year, so I want to do everything I can do to make me the best runner I can be, starting with diet. My coach said that I should be taking in about 3000 calories. Specific answers are much appreciated. Thanks.

  6. How do I get my German Shepard to gain weight?

    I have a German Shepard and she is a little over a year now and she keeps losing weight. We got her to gain quite a bit of weight back and now she is losing it again. We have taken her to the vet and they can't find anything wrong with her. We have tried different foods to. What can I do to put some more weight on her. We have already had her checked for worms twice now and the vet said she did not have any and we check her poop too just to be sure.

  7. How do you get a mildew smell out of a wooden dining room table?

    I had a table runner that smelled like mildew on my dining table. Don't know how/when it started to smell, but after I took it off, the smell seeped into the wood table. This a $1000 dining table just bought last year. I have tried wiping it several times with Clorox disinfecting wipes and it still smells! Any suggestions????

  8. How do you Show a rabbit in a youthfair?

    This is my first year with a pet rabbit. I bought he rabbit specifically for showing it I. The south eastern youh fair. I bought him from a breeder at the meeting and he's realy warmed up to me. But what are they looking for when you show your bunny? What do I do?

  9. Cold Deck Poker Question: What is the longest you have had to endure a cold deck? How did you handle it?

    I've been playing in a home game for several years (just a little $5 buy in tournament) but recently started playing online. Quite a different experience!! In my second week of play (now in my third week) I hit a cold deck for 3 days straight. The premium hands I did pick up got cracked - and I got impatient and did some stupid things (just plain dumb). I imagine patience is key here, but just curious how often others experience this. I finally got my winnings back up to 4x my original deposit, so things are going better (that's if you care I guess). Thanks in advance for your answers.