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  1. What are some easy things to decorate a 17 year olds room?

    Im a 17 year old girl. And I am really tired of the way my room looks. What are some ideas to change it up a bit? Maybe under $150? Decoration ideas. I cant paint my walls because i live in an appartment that we are renting. My walls are white, my carpet is white. all my furniture in my room is white, pink, or black. those are pretty much the only colors in my room. What are some things i could get for the walls or like accessories for the room.

  2. What's a good menu for my parents anniversary?

    I'm looking for about two appetizers, two main dishes, and two desserts. One of each, hopefully favoring both of my parents. We did this last year, my two sisters, and I with only a single option menu. This year, we're trying to make it extremely special. Our decorations will include my sister's drawings, flowers, and our made-up restaurant logo, The 3 Mouseketeers. We plan on taking their order while they're in a different room, maybe put on some old videos for entertainment and call them in when their orders are ready. We don't really have a budget, but hopefully not anything with too many ingredients since we're not all that experienced. I also want wine. Last year for appetizers we had fake lobster topping on crackers and other stuff... And the main was lasagna. The only other idea so far, is adding salad to appetizers and steak to the main. If anyone could please post food ideas with recipes or decoration ideas, that'd be really nice!(: My parents don't really tell us what they like and it's quiet hard to please them, although last year they were satisfied.

  3. How should I decorate my little girl's bedroom?

    I am needing decoration idea's for my little girl's room. In 4 months I will be giving birth to another girl and they will be sharing rooms. I need it to be suitable both for my unborn baby and my 2 year old. Serious answers only please.

  4. Decoration ideas for year of year drama club party?

    It's sort of our awards ceremony, where people have been nominated for their roles in various shows throughout the year. As an officer, we need to decorate the tables where food will be laid out. Any ideas? We were thinking of using the colors red and teal.

  5. What are some good wedding decoration ideas that will stand out?

    My fiance and I are getting married July 26, 2008 and we have most of the planning organized.. My aunt is a wedding coordinator with her own business.. but we are just looking for one kind of decorative thing to stand out... i really didnt want to go with a theme because i would have to match everything together and remember im trying to keep it inexpensive... any ideas on what to go with the horse and carriage decorations... ? my colors are Pink, Red, and white. its not a big wedding.... but very nice.. we have a horse and carriage built and its white its for when we march down the aisle and take our pics standing on... cant really explain it.. but it will be pretty.. someone gave me the ideas to make it look dreamy, luminous, and romantic with white lights and candles... do anyone else have any ideas...? it will be greatly appreciated... dont hestitate to give your input...

  6. Any ideas for an 80th birthday party celebration?

    I need help on gift ideas, and unique decorating, etc. It's my mom's birthday and we have rented a room at a resturant. What do you thonk of pictures of my mom during different satges - little girl, teen, wedding, etc? Thanks for all answers.