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Persian New Year Table Questions Answered!
  1. What is a good gift to give for Persian New Year (Nowruz) to a neighbor?

    My wife and I just moved into a new neighborhood, and one of our neighbors is celebrating persian new year. We would love to be nice neighbors and maybe get a gift for them or their household. What would be a socially acceptable gift coming from a non-persian to give to this family? Flowers? some sort of food? Please let me know soon! thank you. Also, culturally, is there anything that would be rude to give or do? and if you can, add something about the culture so we can have some knowledge before we drop off something. Thanks!

  2. What is the Persian New Year and what faux pahs can I avoid at the party?

    A new neighbor of mine recently invited me to her family's Persian New Year party. What exactly is it? How should I dress? What should I bring as a hostess gift? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  3. Why has the US typically gone to war in the last 80 years?

    WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Persian Gulf War What has motivated the US to go to war during the 20th century and how are the motivations of these conflicts related? Is it primarily economically driven or moralistically or something else? Also how does this connect to our current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq? I have to write a paper for my US history class and I just need some thorough answer to get me started. Thanks in advance.

  4. What is the Best Cat food for persian kitten 1month above?

    im afraid to let my kitten eat a table food coz she might get rid of it... or may be she will no longer eat a cat food anymore when i try to feed her a table food... Thanks in advance... :D

  5. What are some similarities of the fall of both Roman & Persian empires?

    During which the 12 tables were created, I don't know exactly what time period. But around the time of Alexander the great and when he conquered persia.

  6. How can I keep my cat from falling off the couch?

    My cat is getting very old, but still enjoys sleeping on top of the back of the couch and chairs.(she also sleeps on the table). I think she likes the height. When she gets into a deep sleep or scratches herself she falls off and lands on her side most of the time, rather than her feet. HOw can i keep her from falling? I always take her off when i see her there, but she continues to jump right back up and I'm not always home.

  7. What are the dangers of processed foods in the long-term?

    I have a persian kitty and i love him so much. I am very careful and selective about what he eats. I always provide him with fresh and balanced nutrition foods. But sometimes when i'm busy i feed him with instant food like Friskies. Do you give your cat instant food? What are the dangers of feeding your cat with instant food in a long term? Thanks :)

  8. Are you excited for persian new year?

    I am! Were already setting up everything on the table.

  9. How long do cats live?

    I have a Simese half persian cat, (BUTIFUL CAT!) and he is about 5. How much longer do you think he will live for?

  10. How do you know that your cat is in heat?

    I have a Persian cat she is 1 year old. When she was 8 months she was in heat but I gave her a shot that she will not be in heat for 5 month ahead. Now it 4 month and she is very very quite cat and I wanted to know if she is in heat or not thanks for the help my previous cat was american cat and she drivers me crazy when she was in heat but this one is very very quite cat that's why i'm not sure