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Chinese New Year Table Questions Answered!
  1. What should I cook for Chinese New Year?

    I need a good and yummy dish to make for 2013 Chinese New Year on February 10. I hope it is easy and simple dish. One that can be left on the table for a while. It is for a party. Please suggest. Thank you in advance.

  2. What does dreaming of my dead grandmother means?

    I had two dreams of my grandma since she passed away a year ago (at 103 year old). The two times I dreamt of her, she had black hair and look young and beautiful. She never was able to talk to me. Today, I dream of her in her 90s. We were sitting at a table in a conference area. She pronounced my whole name in a Vietnamese accent. When someone ask her what her name was, she said in my language which means "Seaweed", "Sea/Ocean", or "Water Angel". It was nice to see my grandma happy in my dream and that she is able to talk. It is almost Chinese New Year and I am not sure if I become superstitious. I wish I knew what my grandma means. Any ideas?

  3. How do Chinese with ABC parents or half-Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year?

    Sorry if the term ABC sounds derogative, but that's the only term I can think of when defining Chinese that were born in the US.

  4. What does it mean when your animal is on a chinese calender?

    So I have a flipbook Chinese calender and on every day tere is a different animal on the page. What does this mean!

  5. Whats the difference between chinese and american manners and ettiquette?

    I have to do a compare and contract essay on the differences betwween the chinese and american ettiquette. Help? Thx.

  6. How do you excuse yourself from the table in mandarin?

    We had a chinese au pair for a year and I cannot for the life of me remember the phrase she taught the kids to say if they wanted to be excused. something like da cha man man chi? I know it meant something about other people eating slower and when she translated it literally it almost seemed rude in english, but in mandarin/china it was completely appropriate! Help please!

  7. What's a good romantic restaurant for 2 21 year olds in downtown Chicago?

    It's my girls bday next week and I want to take her to a good romantic restaurant in downtown. But I'm looking for one good for 21 year olds. I took her to the signature room a few weeks ago and we felt so out of place, all classy people just staring at us haha any ideas? Thanks everyone for your help.

  8. Why it seems that the Year of the golden Pig is more important than the others?

    Why it seems that the Year of the golden Pig is more important than the others? Like for example, 2002 was the year of the golden Horse but I didn't hear much commotion about it. Also why are those the "Golden" years?

  9. What date was the Chinese New Year in 1994?

    Like this year it fell on the 26th February .. When was it in 1994?