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New Year Table Centerpieces Questions Answered!
  1. What are some inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas?

    I am having a blue and brown colored wedding, possibly with some pink and/or orange thrown in here and there. What are some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that could incorporate those? Has anyone found any really good websites for this? Thanks!

  2. Anyone have ideas on how to decorate reception tables and centerpieces?

    Hi! I'm getting married on a budget, and I need ideas on how to decorate the guest tables (centerpieces, tablecloths, etc.) at the reception. I'm going kind of have a country wedding with mason jars, lanterns and such. My colors are kelly green and a very soft peach, so any DIY ideas you got let me know! Thanks :) Thanks everyone! These are all great! :D

  3. What kind of things should I consider when organising my first tea party?

    I want to organise a tea party for next saturday which just so happens to be the Spring equinox apparently. It will be afternoon tea/low tea, but I want to serve it at my dining table.. is this wrong? I want it all to be ridiculously over the top proper and posh just to make it more fun for my friends. I'm already having difficulty on which china to decide on. How would you say i should decorate the table? centerpiece, flowers, candles etc Any other ideas will be helpful

  4. Are there any websites for ideas on making table centerpieces for your home?

    Im horrible at making flower arrangements, and I want to put something as a centerpiece on my dining room table, that can be used year round. Any ideas?

  5. Does anyone have an idea for a chocolate themed table centerpiece?

    Every year my church has a women's brunch and ladies may volunteer to host a table at the brunch. This year is a chocolate theme. We will be having a chocolate fountain and that's pretty much all I know about the decor. Each hostess is supposed to come up with their own individual chocolate themed centerpiece. Linens and table settings will already be provided. Please help!!

  6. What are the best deocrations for a 10 year high school reunion?

    I am on the planning committee for my 10 year high school reunion and would like to know what kind of decorations would be good? The reunion is nothing fancy, just a pig roast. Anyone have any ideas?

  7. What can a 10 year old make to decorate the house for thanksgiving?

    I am still at my aunts house my 10 year old cousin wants to make some thing for thanksgiving to put around the house to decorate Do you have any ideas for her? While your at it any ideas for christmas?

  8. Dining Out for Thanksgiving in Sacramento - Where should we go?

    It's just the two of us for Thanksgiving this year - and we want a "traditional Thanksgiving meal" ... Turkey with all the fixin's, fancy table settings, centerpieces, candlelight - you know - the works. Anyone have any recommendations? I need specific restaurants - I am not familiar with elegant establishments in Sacrament. I am all-too-familiar with Fast, Fast Casual and Casual!

  9. What would make a nice dining table centerpiece?

    I need to find an attractive centerpiece for a dining table that is not flowers or candles. My mom is having a gathering at her home and my dad wants to get her a centerpiece for her table, but he doesn't want to use flowers. The only other things that I can think of are candles (which my mom doesn't especially like) and a bowl with fruit, stones, or pinecones in it. I'm looking for something pretty and unique that could be displayed all year long. Any ideas???