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New Year Table Setting Questions Answered!
  1. How can someone get a job wrapping Christmas gifts?

    I see some years at the malls tables set up and people wrapping gifts. Seems like a fun holiday job. I have also heard about people who wrap gifts at home for others who don't have time. Any ideas?

  2. How to protect the finish on a dining table?

    I bought a dining table set from Cost Plus World Market 1 year ago. It's not the most high quality furniture. The wood is stained very dark/almost black. I've noticed that when cleaning the table with a damp cloth/paper, the color rubs onto the cloth, etc. Is there some kind of product I can buy at the hardware store to protect the top of the table, perhaps some kind of do it yourself sealer or something. Or should I use an acual furniture repair place to coat something on the table? thanks.

  3. How can I get a mold spot out of an oak table?

    My grandmother willed to me her oak table set. I had to put it in storage for a few years and now that I can finally use it there is a few spots of mold on it from being in the damp basement storage locker..I don't want to ruin this set, it's the only thing I have of my grandma's. Anyone know hoe i can get the spots out??

  4. What are some ideas of last-minute things you could put in a vase for a formal dinner??

    It is for WInter Formal for our school. The vase would be the centerpiece for the table. Last year, they put sparkly sticks which looked beautiful, but this year we ran out of time and sticks don't work. Any ideas? Also, any ideas for a pretty centerpiece for a formal table-setting would work.

  5. opinions: How much better is Thomas the train set/table compared to Imaginarium?

    My nephew has an Imaginarium train table set & they are not really satisfied with it. The tracks do not stay together well & many of the little pieces were broken within a couple of months. (He still plays with it and likes it,though) The Thomas ones are more expensive. Is it just the name or or they made better? Thanks!

  6. Where can you get cheap restaurant supplies?

    I bought 250 table setting for my wedding last year, i am looking for storage bins for plates, crates for the glasses i purchased. i am looking for something that i can be easily used to transport these items without much or any breakage. if you know where i can i get these crates in the metro, ny area at reasonable prices?

  7. My 2 year old screams screams if others come close?

    Recently she will start screaming if anyone touchs anything shes touching. It doesn't matter what ,even the kitchen table sets her off. Once she starts screaming she won't stop until you remove the offending person or pet from the room and prevent them from getting back in. I have a small house and a 9 month old son. I CANNOT keep them seperate, it is impossible. Can anyone help? This is way more than a tantrum this is a major problem. Please be nice she is really sweet except when it comes to playing with others.

  8. Any ideas for a CARNIVAL themed birthday party for a soon to be 3 year old?

    We have a good sized backyard so we're planning on having our sons summer birthday party in our yard. We already have an inflatable bounce house of our own to use. Besides that my only other ideas are to have different table set up for games or activities. I'm having a friend do a table doing face paintings. Instead of cake I had thought of making snow cones. Anyone have anymore ideas? Keep in mind its for a 3 yr old bday party. Thank you!!!

  9. What shall I do a talk on?

    I have narrowed down the subjects I should do to something about cooking. I am a very good cook and I figured I should do something I know alot about. The only problem is that I don't know what about cooking I should do it on. If you have any suggestions please write them. By the way the first two years I did have to make a proper table setting, and how to make delicious hot cocoa, so dont suggest those! :) Your answers are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  10. What are some decorative table settings?

    Ok so the story is im 13 years old and im creating this HUGE dinner for my family tonight. Im wanting to create a table setting thats cute and simple. What colors that pop? I want this to be memorable. Any suggestions? Please dont say 4th of july...My sisters doing that and i want to do something else with other colors. If you can, post a website so i can see what examples to start off with. Thanks