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New Year Ideas For The Classroom Questions Answered!
  1. Any Ideas for a classroom door decorating contest for Christmas?

    My school has a door decorating contest for Christmas every year, any ideas? The door can be decorated with anything from Christmas to December (like snow and snowman) Please help. Thanks!

  2. How do you achieve good classroom management?

    I'm a first year English teacher at an all-boy, private school. I'm young, I'm a girl and my sophomores and I don't really click after 2 weeks... I spend a HUGE amount of time planning lessons and I'm following up on my threats--I picked up two quizzes the other day for kids talking during a test. Problem is... talking still occurs... almost all the time... This in mind, do anyone have any ideas for good classroom management? Anything would help!

  3. Any ideas for quick classroom managements ideas with first and second graders for the end of the year?

    I teach first and second grade and I am in need of some quick to implement classroom management ideas for the end of the year. I have a few very active children who are low academically and struggle to stay in their seats.

  4. What is the easiest and cheapest way to use solar energy in a classroom?

    Hi, I'm doing a school project. We are required to design a classroom which exists in a "storage" container, with the idea that this classroom could host 25 learners and be self-sufficient so that it would be able to be used in rural settlements. What is the easiest and cheapest method of using solar energy? The energy would only need to be used in winter for lighting and maybe a heater/radiator of some sort. Ideas????

  5. Any ideas for a classroom door decorating contest?

    My school holds a holiday door decorating contest every year. Our class wants to do something that is extremely creative. The rules are that it has to do with GIVING. There can be nothing about Christmas or Channukah or any other holidays because our school doesn't want to leave out anybody that has a different religon.

  6. How to get a patent and market my idea?

    I am a kindergarten teacher and I have a great idea for a classroom organizational item. It would be a tool that would be used mostly in a preschool, Kindergarten, or 1st grade classroom. I have looked for a long time and can not find anything like it. I do not have the money, tools, or time to try and create the item myself. I would like to sell my idea to a company that could produce, market, and sell it. I would like to know how to go about getting a patent for my idea, and how to present my idea to a company without them stealing it?

  7. What are some good ideas for first day of school plans for 4th grade?

    This is my first year teaching and I need some tips on what to do for the first few days, other than going over the procedures, rules and testing.

  8. how to enforce good discipline in a classroom?

    looking for ideas for classroom management. I heard from my co-workers that some kids will get rowdy and out of control. kinda worried. Classes are going to start soon, how do I enforce good discipline in the classroom without being too fierce ? Does reward systems work well? Any suggestions for a workable reward system plan? The children I will be dealing with will be around 7 to 14 years old.

  9. Does anyone have good ideas for jobs that fit around family commitments?

    I've worked in a Royal Mail sorting office evenings but developed asthma from the dusty atmosphere. I've also done cleaning, lunchtime supervisor and classroom assistant jobs. I don't really want to work with children again. I've completed my ECDL (computer course) and will be doing ECDL 2 from September. Are there any office type jobs where you can work from home? I'd need something within school hours/term time, leaving one day a week free for my course. I need to earn a decent income as one income is not enough. Thanks.