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Chinese New Year Ideas For Preschool Questions Answered!
  1. How can I include diverse populations in a preschool program?

    I am working on a project and need some ideas on how to include diverse populations in a preschool program... so far I have come up with teaching the students about diversity and designing curriculum to meet a diverse students needs...I feel like im missing something! Any more suggestions? Thanks for any ideas!

  2. Good Books for Introducing a 4 to 5 Year Old to Humanism, Skepticism & World Religions?

    Not a single all-inclusive book, mind you. I'm looking for books that introduce each of these concepts in a form that would be coherent to a preschool child. My daughter reads on a 2nd to 3rd grade level alone, and appreciates and enjoys having read to her (but may not understand absolutely all of) chapter books like the Narnia Chronicles, Secret Garden, things of that sort - just to give a rough idea of what level of reading material I'm seeking.

  3. Good program for Child to learn english?

    My mother is a first year pre school teacher who has a little boy who does not speak english at all. He speaks spanish, but absolutely NO english whatsoever. Hes getting very frustrated in class because he doesnt understand anything thats going on around him. I suggested she find some sort of dvds and workbooks to send home with this boy to help him out. Can anyone suggest a dvd system or book system to help a 4 year old learn to speak english that doesnt cost much money? Thanks!

  4. Any ideas for a chinese activity/ arts and crafts for 2 - 5 year olds?

    Ok basically I need to make an activity for the children to do next week. It can't be anything to do with CHINESE NEW YEAR apparently... Silly i know but its something to do with religion. im a bit stuck on ideas. I mean what could they make? Something not to complicated too..Do you know of any websites? Or ideas would be better!

  5. Preschool Teaching Question about what is taught each month/themes?

    I want to open my own daycare/preschool. I have a ton of worksheets, and different ideas for teaching but need help organizing it. What themes should I include in each month? any other advice ...? thank you

  6. how to approach teaching a toddler two languages.?

    i'm trying to teach my child (2 years old) 2 languages. english being one of them and a second one being chinese (cantonese). is it a good idea to expose the child to 2 languages at one time? i'm considering sending the child to daycare/preschool programs where they teach in chinese. i mainly speak english to her at home however.

  7. can someone please give an idea on the backdrop for the theme lets celebrate for preschool concert. thank u.?

    we have celebrations like chinese new year, deepavali, national day, hari raya aidil fitri and christmas. The theme is 'lets celebrate'. This year we want to make it look something different and attractive too. I would much obliged if someone can give new ideas on this.

  8. preschool arts and crafts ideas for the olympics?

    if anyone has websites or ideas for arts and crafts that i can do with 4 year-olds about the olympics, that would help a lot!