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  1. Ideas for a collage going to make for best friends 18 birthday?

    So I want to make my best friend a collage her 18th birthday. I know that I want to include some pictures, but i want to include other things too. I was thinking like maybe lyrics. We are also graduating in a couple of months and want it to be kind of a summary of our last four years. Ideas for lyrics? Other things I could include? Cool ideas? Open for anything

  2. I need a REALLY good idea for a birthday present for my best friend?

    We both went through a lot this year my best friend is turning 16 and i need a really good idea. A couple years back i did this awesome photo book thing with pictures of us when we were little. She's really into Paris and she's pretty good on the piano. She also really likes jewelry and makeup but any really cool idea would be greatlllyyy appreciated i'm thinking i want to get her small things but a lot of them.

  3. So where in Kent around Canterbury can you find work fruit picking this time of year. Any ideas?

    So where in Kent around Canterbury can you find work fruit picking this time of year. Any ideas?

  4. Can anyone give me some ideas for a couples pre wedding shower?

    no bbq ideas!. the couple in question are co hosting a another couples shower with a bbq later in the year. suggestions on venues (examples) or entertainment would be helpful

  5. Hit me with some reasons for a couple in a story to break up?

    Some things that would really drive them apart and make them bitter. Ideally, something other than cheating. I'm not talking about a high-school romance couple. The couple are in their thirties and have been together for over a year. Any ideas you have are very appreciated!

  6. do you regret going to college instead of your senior year?

    I'm faced with the great opertunity to go to college a whole year early. Completely missing my senior year. Good idea or bad? What would you Do? I'm planning on getting a Phd so a years headstart would be amazing. And I don't have any ties in myhigh school. Only a couple close friends. Am I going to regret this?

  7. I'm planning a corporate party with a dance floor and gift card prizes. Any ideas for games to play?

    Last year we only gave gift cards out to those who danced, which was great because it got everyone to dance. However, I'd like to do something new and different this year. Any ideas? Even just for ice breaker games.

  8. What are some great politically in-correct costume ideas for 2008?

    I am looking for a politcally incorrect couples costume for 2008. Here are some past year's costume ideas. Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Victims Michael Vick and PETA Scott Peterson and Laci Peterson Someone mentioned a Metrolink Victim and a Union Pacific Victim. However, I think it may be to early for that. Let me know your opinions!

  9. looking for business start up ideas backed by real business trends and needs for future?

    I am doing research for an entrepreneurship class. I need to identify ideas and trends to start a successful business now and for the next few years. Any ideas or resources, statistics?

  10. What are some cute halloween costume ideas for a couple?

    I HATE buying costumes, it is so much cooler to make them. Last yeat my fiance and I dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter, before they even had a costume you could buy of the new Mad Hatter. We won a few costume contests and everything. We cant pick what to be this year? any ideas? I usually like to go as something trampy and outlandish so sky is the limit!