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New Year Ideas For Teachers Questions Answered!
  1. I am looking for websites for first year teachers?

    I am a first year teacher and struggle when it comes to writing letters to parents. I would like to find a website that I can look at example letters. I also need help when it comes to bulletin boards. Any suggestions?

  2. What could be some ideas for teachers to include in Annual Learning Plan?

    What could be some ideas for teachers to include in Annual Learning Plan? I need to decide on three professional goals to work on this school year. I am teaching a grade 5 class.

  3. I need help brainstorming some ideas of technology that could be used in education?

    Can someone help me brainstorm some ideas?? Teachers need to have skill in using a variety of technologies. Learn to use a technology that you have not used before, or learn a new application of a technology you have used before. Use the technology to develop a teaching product that you might be able to use in student teaching or in your first year of teaching.

  4. Where do teachers get their materials for their classroom?

    I will be a first year teacher next year. I know that with common core I will have to do lots of hands-on activities next year (build models, presentations using poster papers, coloring, etc.). So the big question now is, am I going to have to pay for all of these materials? If so, where can I purchase these materials at the lowest cost? And by all means I am not an uptight penny pincher person, if my students enjoy the activities I will enjoy the same as them. But I think its ridiculous how the people on the top of the hierarchy introduce all these idealistic things, but give zero support to the teachers. Just goes to show how much they care for teachers and students.

  5. Junior high teachers, what kinds of activities/ice breakers do you do during the first week of school?

    I am a first year teacher and was wondering what sorts of things you do in your classes for junior high during the 1st week of school. It's supposed to be in the 90's for the majority of the week next week (no a/c in classroom), which isn't ideal learning conditions... so what kinds of things would you suggest?

  6. Any fundraising ideas for my music tour to China?

    I am really into my music, and my teacher whom organizes one of my ensembles (Sydney Region Recorder Ensemble) has put together a Recorder and Orchestra tour to China. I need to raise $4000 before around September next year. Any ideas? I would like so much to be able to share my passion for music with other people and my family can't fork out that much money.

  7. Do you have any advice for a first year teacher?

    I'm 23 years old teacher with no teaching experience aside from a four-week long student teaching internship. Do any of you vets and seasoned teachers have any advice, tips and tricks for me?

  8. What should I put in a package to send to my teacher?

    I'm leaving for college soon and I've had an amazing yearbook teacher for a couple of years now. We're more like friends than student and teacher. Anyway she got me all this really great stuff and I wanted to send her a sort of "survival pack" for the beginning of the year. Any ideas on what to put in it?

  9. Anyone know good light-hearted pranks to pull on teachers?

    I have a few really good, fun teachers who are planning to pull pranks on me because I played a few on them earlier this year. Any ideas on pranks to pull on them that they'll think is funny but will also embarrass them?