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New Year Ideas For Children Questions Answered!
  1. Any online educational websites for 3 years + children?

    Any online educational websites for 3 years + children that contain nursery curriculum we can teach them at home??? Thanks.

  2. What character from a book should I dress up as?

    I am an 18 year old girl, but I am open to ideas from children's books and adult books alike. Something recognizable please.

  3. How can i help out my community?

    Im 12 years old and i really want to influence kids to help out the community. I need some fun safe ideas for children in grades 5 and below to help out in saving and assisting out the community. And im doing this at school, like during my RTI or break/recess a friend and i were going to go around and try to get kids to help out. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions, much appreciated~~ Thank you guys so much!!! Im totally going to use your ideas, once again thanks so much!

  4. What can I make with felt with the children at my preschool?

    Iv been given a bin bag full of very large pieces of felt to use in my preschool, want to make some things with the children that they will be able to do (aged 2-5 years) any ideas?

  5. How would I get a children's book published?

    I have a couple ideas for children's books, but I was wondering how I would go about getting them published - or selling the ideas. I would think ANYONE could write a children's book - they are only about 20 pages long and they really rely on the pictures over the words. Since it doesnt take a rocket scientist to write a book that would keep kids entertained - does that make it more difficult to get ideas accepted? A point in the right direction would be fantastic :)

  6. How do you help a younger child accept the idea of a new brother or sister?

    My new baby is due in April and my 4 year old daughter isn't too happy about the idea. In fact, she's really showing out ... throwing things and screaming, "I don't want a baby!" if she hears me mention it. How can I help her become more accepting of the idea? Do children usually get used to it as time goes on? Can any parents offer suggestions?

  7. How can you teach Philosophy to an 8 year old child?

    How can you teach to an 8 year old child on what philosophy is? Our professor needs an answer this friday... Can you please answer...

  8. What could I do for Children In Need this year?

    I really want to do something this year for children in need, but I don't know what to do? Lots of my friends keep telling me to shave my hair and get sponsored for it, but i'm just not sure :/ I mean I ride a road bike, so I could do something with that I guess?

  9. How can my son become a young entrepreneur?

    He is 10 years old. He wants to run his own business when he gets older. He is very responsible and has a great deal of skills that it would take. I just have no idea where to start. Is there an online community or a webpage that gives ideas for children and support? What steps do you think we should take? Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

  10. What games can we play at a suprise 6 year olds birthday party?

    I'm planning a suprise party for my 6 year old cousin and i need some game ideas! It will be a small party, just with family. So about 4 adults and 5 children (two 10 year olds, a 9 year old, a 4 year old and the 6 year old). Any ideas will really be appreciated! xx