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New Year Ideas For Kindergarten Questions Answered!
  1. What are some alternatives to a kindergarten graduation ceremony?

    I am a first-year kindergarten teacher and a parent has already asked about kindergarten graduation. I do not want to put on a graduation ceremony. I am looking for some other creative end-of-the-year ideas.

  2. What do I need as a first year Kindergarten Teacher?

    I need to know the supplies I need to set up my Kindergarten classroom. Please help!

  3. How can I help my 6 1/2 year old with spelling?

    He's just finishing kindergarten now, and his reading is above grade level. His spelling, however, is lacking. I remember practicing spelling in junior high, but I don't think the same methods will work for a six year old. Any ideas?

  4. Kindergarten Teachers: What thematic units do you use every year?

    I am about to finish my first year as a kindergarten teacher, and am starting to plan for next year. Basically this year I used the reading and math series the district requires, and did little extra trying to fit it all in. Now that I have a year almost under my belt, I'd like to expand the work and learning that my students will do, and I'd like to have at least one theme for each month. What themes do you use year after year, and when do you do them?

  5. Do any teachers have any ideas for a new kindergarten teacher?

    This year will be my first year teaching, and I just graduated from an accredited university. I would like tips from seasoned teachers about how the first week will go, things to expect the first year, and maybe some great websites for teacher use and student use. I'm just a bit nervous, but I want to get all the information I can so I can do my best!

  6. How do I make a feasibility study for opening a kindergarten school?

    I need ideas to help me study the costs well before budgeting and a plan of the steps I should go through before I start the school.

  7. What is the best year to teach in a primary school?

    I am starting a PGCE soon, and we have to choose a year group to do a long placement with. Does anyone have a preference for teaching a particular year group (reception to year 6) ?

  8. What is your daily routine and schedule as being a special education resource teacher for Kindergarten-3rd gr?

    What does a typical week look like in your classroom? What are some helpful ideas and insights the first few weeks of school? I have recently been hired for this position and only have experience in a self-contained classroom where the routine is very similar each day, and I know being a resource teacher involves more change so i need any kind of help to prepare me for this! Please let me know everything you do! Especially involving what you teach each week and how you plan each week! Thanks!

  9. How do I get my almost 6 year old niece in the mood to learn how to read?

    She starts kindergarten nest week, and sees me reading. So she wants to read. I just found some of my old books that I learned how to read when I was her age.

  10. Any ideas for a Kindergarten graduation art project to hang on the walls?

    I would like a graduation theme (cap and gown, etc...). Any ideas appreciated.