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Diy New Year Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!
  1. What are websites with DIY crafts/decorating ideas?

    I'm looking for good ideas for Christmas crafts, but also for year-round decorations that I can make myself. :) Do you know of any websites where I can find ideas?

  2. What has been your best DIY Halloween decoration idea?

    I'm very curious to hear your DIY ideas on indoor halloween decorations but any would be great!

  3. Decorating ideas for the top of a cabinet?

    I have a really pretty entertainment cabinet in my Family Room. Currently, I have 1 large pillar and 2 smaller candles on pillar holders. I also have 4 tealights. I used to have pictures towards the back. I am looking for decorating ideas to mix it up. I have had essentially the same decoration for the past few years. I get most creative around the holidays and am also looking for ideas for that time. Last year, I decided to treat it like a mantle, and hung stockings on the side of the cabinet. I also tried to weave a Christmas type of garland around the candles but just couldn't get it right. I could really use some ideas for everyday decorating and also for the holidays.

  4. Where can i find cute DIY Easter decorating ideas?

    I want to do something different and decorate my house for Easter. Instead of just buying decorations i want to make them just to have a hobby! I also have a three year old daughter and i want to include her also.

  5. What can I do for inexpensive Halloween decorations?

    We're down for cash, yet we have lots of time. I'd like to do something not too scary aswell, because we get a lot of little kids and not a lot of older kids, so we need something inexpensive. We are DIY people, so making things is not above us, but nothing lame like garbage bag people or anything. We made a cauldron and a witch before, but the witch isn't doing so well. Anyways, if anyone has some fun ideas, that aren't going to be expensive and hold up in weather, I'd appreciate it.

  6. im getting married in August 2010 Is it too soon to plan?

    How soon should I book a vendor and I have a 5000 dollar budget? Any ideas at all, im planning alone and i need help.

  7. What are some ideas for Do-It-yourself country/rustic wedding favors and decorations?

    I am on a budget so most of my wedding is going to be DIY. Our theme is hunting/country western and our colors are camouflage and blaze orange. Does anyone have any ideas for DIY favors or decorations that would go along with a hunting/country theme?

  8. How can i decorate my bedroom?

    I moved here 2 years ago, and my parents finally are buying a house. This means that i can paint walls and do whatever i want to in my room. I want to decorate it, but i dont know how to. I think that it is 14 m2 (7x7 m) i think that's pretty small, considering that my department room is bigger than this one. Besides i have stuff i already bought a desk from PBteen and it would arrive in 2 mounths, and i have a night stand, a book sheel and a thing with doors (i forgot the name). Those stuff i cant sell them anymore, because 1, they are new and 2. because here i cant find cool things. So how can decorate my room? I need ideas, im a kinda girly girl, buti dont need a vanity coz ill have my own bathroom i need ideas where i could put all my paints and art stuff because im a artist. btw. i dont want see them every single day, maybe i could use storage boxes. here i cant find those kind of boxes, how can i diy them? how can i paint my stuff? with wall paint? do i have to buy a special type? can i paint it with bruches? Btw. You can give me ideas about decoration in any style Thanks :)

  9. How to make my senior year a good one?

    I'm already planning on next year sucking and I need ways to make it better. I've lost most of my friends, and my family fell apart early this year, so I'm probably not going to have a graduation party. I don't think I'll have money for prom or senior pictures, and even if I did I wouldn't have a date for prom or friends to go with. It's basically the same story for homecoming, although I'd probably be able to pull off the money and stuff for that, I still don't want to go alone. I also just got a job and am taking AP classes, so I don't know how I'll manage that. I raised my GPA from 2.7 to 3.0 last year, and I'm trying to raise it more before college, but I don't know how that's going to work out now. I can't quit my job either, because I have to drive myself to school next year. I have to pick a college and I have no idea where to go or what to do. This year just looks like it's going to suck. Sorry if I'm being too much of a pessimist, but it is what it is. I'm tired of being alone, and I already know I'm going to be stressed out. Is there some other exciting part of senior year that might work out, or that I'm missing? I just need something to excite me/ look forward to/ pick me up right now. Also, sorry.. I really have no idea what category to place this in....

  10. Good bedroom decoration ideas?

    I'm a 14 year old girl and I don't really like my room. My room is just medium sized and I only have my twin bed, bean bag chair, dresser, and big bookcase in it. I kind of want a polka dot theme, so I'm just wondering what some good ways to decorate would be. I think I might take some CDs and make them into circles and hang them around a picture board(not sure what its called. It's kinda like a cork board but has fabric and you just stick pictures around that). I can't buy stuff that's too expensive so things that are more affordable would be better. Thanks! Ps I love DIY projects so anything like that is awesome!