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New Year Ideas For Kids Questions Answered!
  1. How can I earn extra money while my kids are at school? I already have a daycare in our home.?

    I already have a daycare in our home. I can't take any more kids. We desperatly need more income due to MANY setbacks this year. Ideas please?

  2. I need neat ideas for a New Years Eve Brunch I am having. I want to make it unique and memorable!?

    There are going to be 12 of us, mostly adults and 4 kids. I have the food under control, but am looking for some unique favors, or new years ideas. Since it is a brunch, the streamers, confetti and hats probably won't be that exciting! Any ideas to help me make it special would be appreciated! Since it is a brunch and not the night party, I want it to be more tame and nostalgic.

  3. Ideas to entertain kids on a 1st birthday party?

    My daughter is turning one this September. I have a lot of friends with kids and different ages. There are gonna be kids from the ages of 7 to 1 year old. I want ideas on entertaining kids from the different age groups. The majority of the kids are between 1-3 yrs old. Please help!

  4. What is a nice gift for someone who insists on watching my kids for free?

    My husband and I are going to go on a date, and a friend of mine said she would love to watch the kids free of charge. I would still like to get her a little something for the nice gesture. She is a single, childless 26 year old. Any great ideas? Btw, the kids are ages 4 and 19 months.

  5. What should I recommend our elementary school purchase with fundraising money?

    I was asked by our PTA president to make a list of ideas of things our school could purchase with our fundraising money this year. I have to get estimates for everything. Of course most of the money we earn goes to programs for the students but we are expecting to earn a considerable amount of money this year and want to think of something the students will think is exciting as a motivator to sell the cookbooks we are using as our fundraiser this year. Any ideas for something the kids would really want to work for?? Please- any ideas?? Please answer- it's for the kids!

  6. What is a good workout plan for a kid's running group?

    I am coaching a road runners Club for kids. I need workout ideas that kids from years 6 - 13 can enjoy. I have the 3 lanes of an indoor track to work with and few pieces of equipment. Does anybody know of any workouts and running games that will work the kids hard, but they will still have fun?

  7. What are some hilarious, yet harmless end-of-the-year prank ideas?

    I'm giving the fake lotto ticket and fake dog crap a shot. I need ideas that won't get me in trouble with my parents or end in expulsion. I'm asking because I need ideas, maybe a fake mouse or a fake roach. What are some hilarious end-of-the-year prank ideas that won't get me in trouble or get me expelled from school? These pranks serve as a form of karma for the kids that were mean to me all year.

  8. I have a booth at a festival that normally does Sand Art, but can't this year. Any ideas on similar option?

    Our church likes to have a free kids activity. We normally have done Sand Art, but cannot do Sand Art this year. Any ideas on similar activities kids can do that will let them take something away? Thanks.

  9. What good activities are there to do with kids in Denver in February?

    My husband and I are going on vacation in February to Denver with our 3 year old son. We would like to have some ideas for kid friendly activities before we get there. Any ideas?

  10. Can you give me your healthy snack ideas?

    I am looking for healthy snack ideas for kids age 3-8 years old. Do you have some you could list for me?