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Stay At Home New Years Eve Questions Answered!
  1. do your parents make you stay home on new years eve?

    my parents do. =/ even though im practically 17. they think its a unsafe night go out, but its unfair because im stuck home while all my friends go out to have a good time. if your parents make u stay home how old are you? if your aloud to go out on new years eve what do you do to celebrate?

  2. Is it lame to spend New Years Eve at home alone?

    I'm fourteen and my parents keep asking me to go with them to see New Years Eve at the movies, but I don't want to go and I think that they should go on a date, which they always complain they don't get to go on. Plus I'd rather stay home and read/watch movies, then watch the ball drop, than go to the movies. I would hang out with my older sis, but she's probably going out with her boyfriend. So Is it lame?

  3. What should I do for new years eve?

    I don't have any friends, and don't have plans for new years eve. if i stay home on new year eve my parents will kinda make fun of me and it will be super awkward. what do i do?

  4. Why didnt my boyfriend asked me to spend new years eve with him ?

    We just started dating, about 1 month and a half now. I asked him if he wanted to come to my house to spend new years eve with me if my family is planning on doing something special. But we are not doing anything just staying home. But could he have at least asked me to come over to his?? isnt that a little bit weird ? what do u guys think?

  5. What are some slimming outfits for nye for plus size woman?

    I am very overweight trying to lose weight. My friends are going out new years eve and I would always stay home before because I was so shy and embarrassed. However, I'm going out to the city for new years eve to a club/lounge. I don't know what to wear that will not make me look like a whale and I will look nice.

  6. Am i a loser for being 34 yrs old and wanting to stay home/sleep New Years Eve? ?

    Am i a loser for being 34 yrs old and wanting to stay home/sleep New Years Eve? ? What are you doing and how old are you?

  7. How do I convince my parents to watch the fireworks?

    So this New Years Eve , I want to go somewhere special! I really want to see the fireworks in San Francisco! That would be so much fun! Every New Years Eve, I'm always staying home with my family. They don't like to go to those places that are packed with people on New Years Eve. I'm going to stay home the whole week after Christmas anyway so why not go to San Fran? How could I convince them to go see the fireworks?