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Stay At Home New Year Eve Party Questions Answered!
  1. What are you planning for this New Years eve?

    What are you planning on doing this new years eve? Party? Staying home and chilling?

  2. What's your favorite way to celebrate New Years Eve? Which one was your most memorable?

    House partys?? A big hotel bash?? Stay home and watch Dick Clark?? Personally, I'm a New Years Eve PARTY POOPER. From Halloween, through Thanksgiving...through Christmas...we plan, we decorate, we 12/31...I'm tired of it all...and one more party is just not my cup of tea. How about you? Do you have the energy for one more bash? How do you celebrate?

  3. what is the best "chick" mixed drink that is easily made at home?

    It's gonna be new years eve tomorrow, and me and my friends dont wanna go clubbing we are staying home and having a party, I wanna drink a good mixed drink that I can make at home....any suggestions? Oh and anybody know where I can buy one of those cups that is like really talk, and has a really long straw, I want one of them too <3 Thanks in Advance

  4. How to deal with false noise complaint and neighbor?

    This morning we received a noise complaint from our new downstairs neighbor. Funny thing is, my husband and i werent home last night. We stayed at a friends and didnt get home until mid afternoon today. All the neighbor said was that she was unhappy with whatever was going on in our apartment and filed the noise violation. As we have lived here for 4 years, and never had an issue, the manager was kind and said she would make a note of the fact that we werent home. Problem is my husband and i were planning a small new years eve party that we hold every year. This lady is new, just moved in a few months ago. If we are not even home and get noise.complaint, whats going to happen when we have the party?? How should i handle this? My husband wants to.go.speak to her but i am not sure that thats best.

  5. What are some fun things for a 14 year old to do on New Year's Eve?

    My buddy got grounded so I can't hang out with her >:P I don't have a car or someone to drive me. So I'm stuck either finding a party in my neighborhood, or staying home. What can I do? Fun, stupid, crazy, and random things that don't involve alcohol or drugs. Or streaking. I don't want to relive what happened at a New Year's Eve party when my friend got wasted >.>

  6. Persuading parents to go to a party?

    . Every year different families (close family friends) would go to ones house and throw a New Years Eve party. This year, my dad feels like we shouldn't go and we should just stay home. I don't want to- I mean, i see my family every day and I dearly love them but I hardly see my best friends at all! The last time I saw them were 5 months ago and we rarely even communicate each other. How can I persuade my dad to let me go? Or better yet, let the whole family go?

  7. Should I go to new year's eve party with my friends? Or should I stay home cause my bf is returnin?

    from a 2 week trip abroad early in the morning on jan 1st? He really wants to see me and doesn't want me to be sleepy (from partying) when I see him on the jan 1st. On the other hand, my friends really want me to go party with them on new years eve/ or least have dinner and hang out till it's 2013. We are all in our 20s. My bf and my friends don't like each other.

  8. Is it normal to stay at home during New Years Eve?

    Usually my parents just invite the neighbours we have and they just drink and have fun. I usually stay and do whatever I want. Some of my cousins came last year. Anyway, this year I have one of my cousins coming over because neither of us could find a place to go so we will just stay at my place and do whatever. Is that normal since my mom was upset that I didn't go out to find a party yet. 17 btw.

  9. How is the traffic from LA International Airport to Anaheim on New Years Eve?

    My family and I are going to LA on New Years Eve. We arrive at about, 11pm NYE, and just wanted to know how bad the traffic would be getting to Anaheim at this time and if it's better to book a hotel closer to the airport? Thanks in advance.