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  1. good ideas for a minnute to win it themed party?

    any ideas would help but i really need food and decoration ideas. it is for 8 girls ranging from 12 to 14 years old. thanks :) Thanks RogueDevil I know what you mean I have been workign for months to plan my perfect 13th birthday party and i have no decoration ideas.

  2. How should I decorate my porch for halloween?

    Basically, I am going to be handing out candy with my best friend for Halloween this year. We are both 16, and want to wear costumes and decorate my porch. I have a half circle porch (half of it's mine so a quarter circle basically. >.<) and no front lawn. I do have about 4 x 4 foot of concrete space next to my porch that is mine also. We have a pathway thing between my house and the neighbor's house that I can decorate too. Its probably about 2 1/2 to 3 feet wide and 20 feet long. It's spooky back there at night and it'll be dark when I hand out candy so I could do something with that. I don't want cutesy stuff like toilet paper ghosts and balloons with faces on them. I like scary decorations. My mottos are basically "If you can't come up, you don't get candy." and "If you're not wearing a costume, you don't get any candy." My friend and I both really like Creepy Pasta and Harry Potter. She thinks we should do creepy pasta, the costumes would be easier but not many people would really know what it is and I'm not sure how to decorate for it. I thought harry potter because I know how to decorate for it, everyone knows it, but the costumes would be a bit harder to do. But I'm a 'crafty' person (or so my family says) and I know I could paint a tie and the house crest and all that. What do you think? Harry Potter, Creepy Pasta, or something else? Please leave details on costume ideas and decoration ideas. (For example; Creepy Pasta, One dresses as Jeff and one dresses as EJ, Decorate like the Creepy Pasta Mansion by putting out a fake chandelier.) Suggestions will definitely help! Thanks!

  3. What are some easy homemade Halloween decoration ideas?

    Using stuff you can find around the house that actually looks good and not like a 4 year old made them.

  4. First time Halloween party and need help and ideas!?

    I'm planning to throw a halloween party this year. This is my frist time throwing one so I'm absolutely clueless on what to do. There will be about 20-30 people, aged anywheres from 10-50. I need some food ideas, decoration ideas and maybe some games or things to do at the party! Any tips would be so appreciated!

  5. What are some ideas for an old fashioned christmas tree with homemade ornaments?

    This year I have decided to not put up our artificial tree, or our store bought ornaments. I plan on taking my son out to cut down a tree, and make homemade ornaments/decorations. I need some ideas that can make it fun for him and easy to do since he is 7 years old...

  6. Does anyone know any easy hippie decorations to make for a hippie party?

    I'm having a hippie party this year and making decorations, does anyone have any good ideas?

  7. What are good Decorations for a Halloween Dance?

    The Visual Arts team is throwing a Halloween Dance at school. I need to think of some amazing but easy decorations and ideas for games. We already have a fortune teller, and we are making a graveyard. We have a lot of space to fill, but are kind of short on help so we need big easy things. Thanks in advance for the help!!

  8. What are good themes for elementary dances?

    I am in charge of coming up with a theme for our kindegarden and 1st grade mommy-son dance. Last year we did 70s and each kid took home a tie dyed shirt. The year before they dressed western and ate BBQ and got a hat. I need a fresh idea that is relatively easy for parents to dress as, and inexpensive to put on. We have very limited time as a parent backed out and I took over at the last minute. 3 weeks!! We have a DJ, and we have food. I need decoration/costume ideas that young kids will be familiar with and adults will enjoy. Some ideas we have thrown around so far are: pirates superheroes 50's sock hop (i.e. Grease) prehistoric (cavemen) any thoughts or comments or other themes? thanks