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Stay At Home New Years Eve Ideas For Two Questions Answered!
  1. How can i build up trust with my boyfriend again?

    Im an 18 year old girl, and ive been with my boyfriend for over a year and hes 21. Im currently 38 weeks pregnant aswell. Our relationship started out great. And I love him to death. Hes never cheated or anything (to my knowledge) and we live together and have for about 8 months now. Thing is, he lied to me about smoking. When we first met he smoked, then a month before i got pregnant he quit smoking. I HATE smoking, the smell, everything. Plus its a waste of money and its killing you and people around you. Anyways, he did good with quitting (he did have a few in the 8 or 9 months that hes quit. However, I had a feeling that he had been smoking while he was with his friends recently, and he told me on new years eve that he has been smoking for the past few months. I ALWAYS asked him if he was and he swore that he wasnt. Denied it everytime. But he always came home smelling like smoke and although his friends smoke, I still knew in my gut he was too. But he did lie to me about it for those few months i asked him about .. Im just wondering how I can trust him again? He apologized for lying but says hes been "stressed" and we argued quite alot so he also says thats why he smoked again. He promises that hes done now, ever since new years eve. So its been two weeks, and hes stayed home the past two weeks and hasnt been with his friends so i know he didnt have the chance to smoke yet since he told me.. but he went with his friend yesterday and I couldnt trust him. He swears he didnt smoke but He lied to my face when i asked him before so Im lost.... Any idea on how I can trust him again?? I still love him, I just want to be happy and not have to worry hes lying when he goes out with his friends.

  2. How to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve away from our families?

    My boyfriend's family lives in another state, and my family lives in another country. This is the 3rd holiday season we celebrate together, just the two of us. I am looking for some ideas on how to make our holiday celebrations very special. We will be happy staying at home- not much into going to bars and celebrating with strangers, but I need some ideas of cool things and special touches to make these dates unforgettable.

  3. How do I find out my complete nationality?

    I want to completely find out my nationality. I'm American but I want to know where my great-great grandparents came from and trace back my family history to over 100 years ago. Is there a website where I can do this?

  4. anyone know of anywhere good and cheap for new years eve?

    It needs to be under about £300 for two people for a few nights over new years. not including spending money! Im not bothered about staying in hostels. any ideas would be awsome, trying to surprise my boyf to cheer him up!

  5. What if my best friend aka ex bf doesn't reply my messages?

    So my ex bf aka my best friend last time we talked was New Year's Eve he was perfectly fine. I told him I will text or call him tomorrow when I get back home and he said okay. So I texted him that I was back and he never responded to me. I FaceTimed him like we always do and he didn't answer either. He replied to my friend but not me. It's been two days and He Hasn't talk to me btw he has a gf my friend but it seems that the gf is perfectly fine about me and him being friends. Is he mad at me? Busy? Or his gf doesn't want him to talk to me? What is it?

  6. How should I celebrate Christmas with my son?

    I recently moved to England from a country where we do not celebrate Christmas. So now I'm at loss how to celebrate it properly. It seems that it is assumed that everyone knows how to do this, so I can't find any useful info on the Internet! I know this is personal choice, and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate it... But I would like to ask for some ideas how to celebrate Christmas in the most traditional way. I have a two year old son, so I would like this time of the year be truly magical for him. So here are the things that I find especially confusing: - do you put ALL child's presents in the stocking? What if they are too big? - do you put anything at all under the tree? - do you say that all child's presents came from Santa? If so, then isn't it strange that grown-ups also give presents to each other, but not to the kids? Or do they give presents to the kids?.. - do you encourage children to give presents to grown-ups (like a drawing, for example)? How do they do that - put them under a tree? Give openly on Christmas Day? I hope I'm making sense. Sorry I'm just getting really confused :) some help would be much appreciated! Thought of another question: - I saw some shops selling Christmas sacks - some sort of bag that looks like Santa might use it for transporting presents. What would you do with it?? Thanks.

  7. Tips for a New Years Eve to remember?

    Unfortunately, my husband and I are staying at home this evening as we have nobody to look after our 2 year old son. I really want to have a great night on our own and would love to hear any ideas that people have to make it a 'special' night just for the two of us! We are very open and experimental so no holds barred......the dirtier, the sexier and the raunchier the better!! I don't think we will be able to wait till the stroke of midnight!

  8. what to do for new years eve in tokyo?

    i really enjoy super weird, offbeat, themed types of parties. i don't want to go to a regular bar or club. i want to go somewhere super crazy for new years eve in tokyo. any ideas? i really want to find something fun, i will be around yokota/tokyo.

  9. What is Lilith's (the first wife of Adam) connection to satanism and witchcraft?

    I'm just a curious truth seeker. Thanks.

  10. Where to go for New Years Eve?

    I live in Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes from Philly. My girlfriend and I are fresh out of ideas, plans, thoughts, etc with what to do this year for New Years. It's one of those "everyone has something else to do but we have absolutely no idea" type of things. We were going to take a night out, but not sure where. Everything I think about is summer-related. Beach, camping, etc. What can two people do to stay occupied in this area within a 2 hour drive for a 1 night stay? I'm out of ideas. Thoughts?