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Stay At Home New Years Ideas Questions Answered!
  1. Staying home for new years with the partner and daughter:suggestions?

    Daughter is 2 yrs and we are staying home for new year any ideas for jazzing the evening up a bit? Thanks Faye

  2. How to thank bf for staying home on New Years?

    My bf and I have spent the last 3 New Years seeing our fav band and celebrating all night. This year I have to stay home and be mom. He really wants to go out, but he is choosing to stay home with the kids and I and do the family thing.. Any ideas to keep things fun and interesting so he is glad he stayed home? (Of course I will be thanking him very well after the kids go to bed:) but what else can I do?

  3. What to get my little brother for graduation who is staying home for college?

    I wanted to make a college gift basket for my little brother, but he is staying home for his first couple years of college, and most of the ideas I can find are for people going away to college. I thought of maybe a voice recorder for lectures, school supplies, and gift cards for local restaurants, but I don't know what else I should add

  4. how to get invited to a popular persons new years party?

    my friends and i don't want to stay home another year or do something stupid. and to be honest we want to drink a little or more then a little. anyways we really just want to have a good time and we aren't too popular but we know some of the 'popular' kids. so anyways we want to go to one of their party's but we don't know how to get invited to it. any ideas would be awesome.

  5. What are some things to do while staying home for the summer?

    Well this summer I have litterally nothing planned I have to stay home every day the whole summer and yes I do chores so don't say clean the house and I know I can go to my friends house or they can come over but what are some fun things I can do? Btw I'm a 14 year old girl so I can't get a job yet and I'm planning on exercising but any ideas?

  6. My wife wants to start an at home business she can possibly expand. Any ideas of what she could do?

    I'm in the military, my wife stays home with our 1 year old son. She wants to be able to stay home with him but make a decent income. Any ideas of jobs she could do

  7. Any ideas how to run a contest that will promote my new interior decorating business?

    I want to be able to set my own hours so I can stay home with my 3 year old daughter and hopefully soon a sibling. I am planning to start my own home based business helping others decorate/organize their homes. I was thinking some sort of contest where people could send in their worst or best decorating projects. Maybe I could get some of the local businesses(furniture/accessory stores) to participate and make a big media blitz or something. But I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I also don't really have any money to work with so I have to be creative. Any ideas? Also, where can I find wholesale accessories and furniture? Thank you!

  8. How do i stay home from school tomorrow?

    I have missed a lot of school this year because I'm always getting sick. but I'm pretty sick this week. I stayed home today but my mom sais I have to go to school tomorrow. I don't know how to convince her from staying home. I'm thinking of waking up at 2am and making a fake pile of barf and dumping it on my floor (i will clean it) and waking her up. or hiding in a ditch when the bus comes tomorrow. anh other ideas?

  9. What are some costume ideas to dress up with my dog for halloween?

    I wanna dress up together with my dog for halloween this year but i have no ideas. SHE is a white toy poodle. I wouldn't take her trick or treating, just stay home and hand out candy. She seems to like dressing up since it keeps her warm. Any cute ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  10. how to convince my mom to let me stay home from school tomorrow?

    we have a 1/2 day tomorrow and in almost all my classes we are watching movies because the classes are only 20 min. it worthless to go to school when we dont learn anything. i would go to school from 7:25 to 11:05. have any ideas how i can convince her to let me stay home? ive used up all my ideas already this year.