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  1. Can somebody lay down some characteristics of Daoism?

    More specifically, Did Daoism have any: Supernatural Beings? Sacred Text? Religious Leader? Origins? Major Beliefs (Life after death?, Reincarnation? Impact on Society? Thank you!!, I need help with making a power point :D

  2. the quran is said to have science in it?

    and muslims claim they are 1.5 billion of them but they are only app. 8 million practicing jews in the world. so why has the nobel prize in science been given to 186 to jews and only 2 non-practicing muslims? alex. yea they get suspended by brainwashwed stupid people. so what! i will not quit until muslims know the truth. isthat so wrong?

  3. Can you be a Wiccan without indulging in all that circle-drawing, ceremonial magic?

    I like the idea of the wheel of the year, living your life to a seasonal cycle, and honoring nature. But the whole ritualized magic element turns me off. One, I live with pets and a boyfriend, so finding solitary space to not be interrupted is annoying. Second, the collecting of items and ingredients is just time-consuming and off putting to me. I like the idea of a permanent altar, but setting up magic rituals and drawing circles, etc, just doesn't appeal to me at all and honestly I have little idea where these practices come from and why they were incorporated. It sounds more like ceremonial magic they used in the Middle Ages to summon demons and stuff. I don't know the historical basis beyond all of it. I have heard you can perform sympathetic magic or use simple nature rituals if you need to affect change and it doesn't require setting up an altar and a circle and all that. This is much more appealing to me. Basically I'd rather have a permanent altar set up with seasonal decorations and make food/wine offerings during esbats and sabbats, and if I need to do magic, just go to a park or something and do a simple nature thing, no circles and whatnot. Is this an acceptable way to practice?

  4. "Tanabata festival"give me some ideas the decoration,props of this kind of festival?

    "tanabata" japanese tradition always celebrate every 7th of july summer spring. lets say costume, room ambience, the props that will be use, table tops or center piece the decoration over all, pictures if you can send as well

  5. Asian people - need your help for the Lunar New Year...?

    The Lunar New Year is approaching & I need to get my boyfriend's parents something for the New Year, you know, like the traditional Asian sweets/candies/foods or whatever you usually give people during the New Year periods, however, my problem is that I live in Kansas and they live in California so whatever I'm going to give them, I have to be able to UPS them or unless there's some website I can buy from & have them deliver. You guys probably all know that California has a much larger Asian population so whatever I get them here, they have about 10 better different choices out there, I still need to get them something, more like a courtesy thing I guess. So should I just buy a tray of those sweets or whatever at the Asian market & mail it to them or is there any better more thoughtful/respectable ideas? All else fail, I guess I can always get them like a Godiva chocolate basket or something, but you think it's appropriate? Oh, and I'm Asian myself, but I just grew up here in the States so I'm a little clueless about these types of things. My bf's parents are both Asian though, and very traditional still. If that helps or make any difference.

  6. Why aren't ethnic people interested in other cultures?

    I am interested in many ethnic cultures. (Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Native American, Indian, etc.,) I seem to notice at the cultural events I attend, only that particular culture and Anglos attend. (Asian Expo, Brazilian Festival, etc.,) I asked my Sociology professor if ethnic people are interested in other ethnic cultures. She said not usually. Is this true? If it is, what is the cause?

  7. Date in Vancouver; any ideas?

    I am going on a date tonight, I don't have many options (nor money), don't want to go downtown or to the movies.... any ideas where to go and have a good time? - this is a tough one -

  8. Do you think Halloween is a religious activity or has religion been taken out over time ?

    Known for its witches, goblins, and other grotesque decorations and paraphernalia, Halloween—also called All Hallows’ Eve or the eve of All Saints’ Day—can be traced back to the ancient Celts of Britain and Ireland. On the full moon nearest November 1, they celebrated the festival of Samhain, meaning “Summer’s End.” They believed that during Samhain, the veil between the human and the supernatural worlds was parted and that spirits, both good and evil, roamed the earth. The souls of the dead were thought to return to their homes, and families would put out food and drink for their ghostly visitors in hopes of appeasing them. Thus, when children today, dressed as ghosts or witches, go from house to house threatening a mischievous trick unless they receive a treat, they unwittingly perpetuate the rituals of Samhain. TRICK OR TREAT ?

  9. Why do Buddhists celebrate Christmas since they don't believe in?

    Christ. There Chinese writings alone is 5000 volumns Some of the stuff is so comfusing that it sounds like a star wars trigilogy. I am not disc them. whatever that means i was wondering. give me a break. I can't ask a quesiton? Islamic people say they believe in Christ. Just thought maybe buddhists do to.

  10. Book of Shadows?

    Okay, so I do not want my Book of Shadows to be on the computer, so I have it in a binder. I have 8 dividers, but do not know what to put in the dividers as subjects. Any suggestions?