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Happy New Year Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!
  1. Where can I buy cupcake decorating things?

    There aren't any cupcake/cake stores nearby where I live, but do they have any at grocery stores like Safeway or Wegmans? Also, where can I find links to cupcake decoration ideas for Valentine's Day? I'd like them to be very specific in the directions. Thanks!

  2. How should I decorate the kitchen for this years haunted house party?

    I am planning a halloween party this year and while I have every other room figured out, I cant seem for find a way to decorate the kitchen. I don't know what to do with it.

  3. Good decoration ideas for 16 year old girl's binder cover?

    I have a dark purple binder (3 inch) and I want to decorate it. Will a collage of pictures of my favorite things be cheesy looking or any other ideas? :) I know this is stupid but I'm thinking of putting pictures of happy things because this year is really stressful and whenever I look at my binder I become motivated. I know it sounds stupid but even having a bright yellow mechanical pencil and eraser helps motivate me during school and homework and whatever else.

  4. What kind of party decorations for a 40th bday party with a Corona beer theme?

    The 40th bday party will be combined with a New Year's party as well so we need ideas in decorations. The theme will be Corona (beer). I will be doing the cake in a shape of a Corona bottle. Not sure what other ideas would be good. Any creative ideas?

  5. What is th best place to get Halloween Decorations?

    I bought my house a year ago this month. I decorated for halloween last year with very few decorations. I want to buy more this year, I love Halloween. What is the best store/website to order them from. I don't want cheap quality decorations. Thanks!

  6. My sister wants to have a birthday/baptism party for my niece, Any ideas on how we can decorate?

    I'm not to happy about mixing the party's together, but what can I do I'm just the auntie. Anyway she will be 3 years old, and I was thinking of a Tinker bell theme (Light green and pink), The girls will get fairy accessories (like wands) and the boys will get pirate accessories (like eye patches). Not sure about the games except for a treasure hunt. Since she will be having a baptism I was thinking of adding siliver to the decorations. I really want her to have a tinker Bell birthday cake but I was also thinking of having mini cupcakes with white frosting, But I think thats too much cake. Any other ideas for decorating, food and games?

  7. How do I throw a 30th Birthday Party for my single friend?

    My single girlfriend is turn 30 this year. Does anyone have an clever ideas for decorations or a theme?

  8. Does anyone know of inexpensive first birthday ideas for a little girl?

    My daughter is turning one at the end of the month. We are having her party at a local park she enjoys going to. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what kind of food to serve, or any neat ideas about centerpieces?

  9. Do you have any ideas for my upcoming birthday party?

    My party is endangered animals themed and my birthday cake is a panda. Im less than 13 years old and need ideas of what to do such as goody bag items, activities, decorations, etc. Name anything you could thing of ,but nothing to kidish. Thanks!