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Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!
  1. Where can I find an Oriental-themed Prom stage set?

    I am looking more for the bright, lantern and dragon filled Chinese New Year theme rather than blacks and reds. We need decorations and a backdrop, as well as an arch-type item (or large item to place against the back drop). Thanks! ps- ideas will do as well (still pertaining to this theme). We can always make and paint backdrops ourselves, so let me know if u can think of anything good!! Thank you!

  2. Do you have any ideas for inexpensive decorations for a wedding reception?

    I was asked to help someone decorate for their wedding. They still don't have any solid ideas on how to decorate and say they are on a really tight budget. Any suggestions? Their main color is pink. I think their main concern is how to decorate the tables cheaply. The tables are round.

  3. What is a good 1st year birthday theme for boy/girl twins?

    I want it to be super cute and super special! Lots and lots of ideas please!

  4. I'm turing 30 this year and want to have a party. Like a cocktail party does anyone have any fun ideas?

    My colors are white black and pink. And I want a chocolate fondue fountain. and a fun drink but non alcholoic. I need ideas for decorations and party favors and games. And should I keep it small 10-15 people or do it big 30 plus? Thanks for all your help.

  5. Have any spectacular ideas for large (hall) decorations for a Chinese New Years?

    I've done this before with the usual lanterns, fans and the balloon dragon. Looking for the WOW idea.

  6. What are some good ideas for a 14 year old birthday party?

    Well i am a girl & 13, and my birthday is in December. I am thinking of planning early this year, so I can do something big & save up and stuff. But i need some good ideas, nothing outdoors'y because obviously its winter and cold. But something I can do with all my friends that will be lots of fun. Thank yoou x

  7. What are some good party ideas for Chinese New Years?

    Ok I am in charge of festivities for holidays at my job. My boss wants me to plan something for Chinese New Years. The catch is there is zero funds for this event. Help!!!!

  8. I'm have a Chinese New Year party, any recipes and decorating ideas?

    I'm having silky corn and chicken soup and crab rangoons, chicken satay and ????? I'd also like ideas for table settings, party favors, etc.

  9. A tattoo representing progress of physical strength?

    I am planning to improve my physical health, since most of my life has been learning, I want to take a turn, possibly take a gap year even, and progress my life by gaining a job, earn a living, and join a gym and improve my physique. I am looking for a style of tattoo that is simple, and you add to it, that has a base, that grows through the goals of progression, but something small, so if I choose to, I still have a canvas to leave a mark of anything I see as an achievement. Thanks! p.s. Any tattoo generally based around Progression would also be awesome!

  10. What would be good artifacts for Confucianism?

    I am doing a museum project on Confucianism and I need to know what would be some artifacts for this philosophy. Can someone please help?? I've been searching all day. Any ideas?