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  1. What should we do during our 2 week family holiday to Perth in January?

    We need help planning our 2 week family holiday to Perth. We are flying in and out of Perth but also want to visit other places close to Perth. We have 2 kids aged 9 & 11yrs old so we need to keep them entertained as well. We will be hiring a car and at this stage we haven’t booked any accommodation.

  2. Im 17 and want to go on holiday with two 17 year old friends?

    I dont want the classic clubbing all night ibiza, just want to chill at some bars, by the pool etc. Just in replacement for a family holiday. Any ideas of somewhere that would have this, not too quiet, but not like tourist central? And also what companies would just allow 17 year olds? Thanks for the help

  3. What are some easy ways to cut back our family budget so we can save for a holiday?

    We are planning a family holiday overseas next year and every little bit of saving can help but I am finding it difficult to know where I can cut back ... ideas anyone?

  4. How to convince parents to let me stay home instead of go on holiday?

    My parents are planning a trip to Hawaii this year, and I really don't want to go. Not that I don't want to go to Hawaii, but to be frank I really don't like travelling with them anymore because they don't treat me my age on holidays (i'll be nearly 18 when they're planning this trip). Last year, we went to Cairns for a holiday. Whilst I enjoyed Cairns (it's an awesome city, loved it there), I hated travelling with my parents. They forced me to come with them on family trips to places such as zoos and beaches, and I wasn't allowed to go off and do my own thing, I had to stay with them the whole time. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with zoos or beaches, but as a 17 year old guy walking around a zoo with my parents is hardly my idea of a good time. Then there was the issue of having a camera in my face all the time. My parents are OBSESSED with taking photos and videos of everything, it's really annoying, especially when many of the photos of me are candid (ie, if i'm walking they'll take one from behind and not even ask first). The reason I don't really enjoy family holidays that much anymore is because my parents still treat me like a kid. I'd be willing to stay with them at all times and go on family trips every day when I was 12, but i'll be nearly 18 and expecting me to do all the stuff they want is ridiculous IMO. But yeah, how can I convince them to let me not go to Hawaii and stay at home because believe me, you don't know how much I don't want to go?

  5. How to convince my parents to let my guy friend come on holiday with us?

    Hey guys! My parents have recently said I can bring a friend to our next family holiday to spain and all of my female friends are busy that summer and I would really like my best guy friend to come along a helpful factor is the fact he is also gay, which my parents know about and have no problem with. I don't quite know how to convince my parents to let him come along, or how to ask them. Any ideas?