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Christmas Holiday Ideas Questions Answered!
  1. Where does it snow druing the christmas holidays?

    like London, New york, japan.... list city state and country and some details on how they spen they spend the other country spends their christmas holidays. Trying to get an idea where i can spend my christmas holidays for this year and next year with my friends. thanks. if you can include pix its not necessary.

  2. How to go Canada from seattle by car?

    I am planning to visit seattle and Cananda during christmas holidays, but has no idea,how to deal Canada immigration requirements . I am having indian passport and Greeen Card and what are the places to visit in Vancouver. I will appreciate any information in this regards. Thanks

  3. Please advise if traveling to Amsterdam alone during christmas is enjoyable?

    I dont know anything about Amsterdam, do you think its a good idea to travel during christmas holidays. I have heard that the crowd vanishes during those days. Is it true ?

  4. Bored at the christmas holidays what should i do?

    I have only just got off for the christmas holidays and i am already bored on day 2 .please give me a couple of ideas for fun and to keep me fit and healthy .

  5. What are some ideas/plans for teenage girls to do over the Christmas Holiday?

    My friends and I just dont know what to do over our christmas holidays? DOes anyone have an ideas of what to do? We want to spend our last Christmas together, remembering everything. Thanks!

  6. What are some good ideas for the holiday season for high schoolers?

    Our school wants to get the whole student body involved in the holiday spirit. This includes a movie night on the football field where we will have a projector screen set up showing a G-Rated Holiday film. Does anyone have any good suggestions for movies or holiday ideas that will get the students excited and bring them together?

  7. Where is a web site other than Expedia, or Orbitz that I can find discounted vacation packages?

    I want to go on a Romantic getaway with my Husband during the christmas holiday.. Yep you heard right Christmas! I want to get away for the upcoming holidays? We really need a vaction, but one thats inexpensive. Any ideas?

  8. Where should I go for our winter sun holiday?

    I am looking to book my christmas holidays. We want it hot, child friendly and all inclusive. We went to Dominican republic last year but was abit disappointed with the weather. Any ideas?

  9. How do I start getting my twins ready for the holidays?

    My family and I already have some christmas stuff up but how do I make them part of it. (This will be their first Christmas). They will be 5 months old next month. So some questions. How do I go about the holidays (Just ideas for Christmas, New Years oh and Thanksgiving) -What can I get them as Christmas Presents? -Some cute little christmas outfits? (They're both girls) - Any other advice?

  10. How do you survive not seeing your crush for 3 weeks?

    Tomorrow is the last day before we break up for the christmas holidays at school! I should be excited about this but the thought of not being able to see this girl who i have a massive crush on just makes me feel depressed as i can barely last a weekend without seeing her :( any ideas guys on how i will be able to last 3 weeks without seeing her?