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  1. What are some good websites about Christmas crafts?

    I've been searching for some good websites with holiday craft ideas, instructions, and pictures, but no luck :( any ideas?

  2. Cute snack ideas for my bday?

    Hello, My birthday is in about 2 weeks and my friend and I are making plans(: we're having a sleepover then going to the mall with a group of friends. The night she sleeps over we wanted to make out own unique dinner like funky little pizzas or cute little pastries. If you have any yummers ideas please let me know! Thanks a milli SlimShadyFan08 I'm liking the ideas, but please not just desserts and pastries, we need actual food in out tummys too!

  3. How do i make greeting cards?

    I would like to make some greeting cards for my friends. Is there any site which gives ideas to make greeting cards?

  4. How Do You Make A Easter Egg Piñata?

    I really want to make an 'Easter Egg' Piñata and I have NO IDEA! Please don't tell me to buy on because they are waaay to expensive. Give me links or instructions. Thanks!! I'm asking this because heaps of websites have had like put 3 layer at once or have one layer and let it dry and then put another layer and so on.

  5. What are some Halloween Party ideas for teenagers? [ages 15-18]?

    Okay, so my friends and I are going to host this SUPER MEGA AWESOME Halloween party, but we need help! What are some extremely random and awesome and fun, entertaining things to do at a Halloween party? It'd be nice to have some scary stuff happen too, any ideas? Keep in mind of the age group, thanks a lot everyone! :]

  6. Does anyone cut your own greens & make home Christmas decorations?

    Would like ideas for indoors and outdoor decorations. I like all natural materials best but do use baubles also. Thanks!

  7. Decorating ideas for inside and outside of house? Any sites, mag. suggestions?

    I want some ideas for decorating on holidays and just all year round. My friends mom always has her house decorated on the outside so nice and am wondering which site or magasines she gets her ideas from. Anyone have some good websites whith photos? Anything to do with houses whether its kitchen or anything. Thanks!

  8. What are some good toilet paper roll crafts?

    If you have the website then please give it to me. Thanks!