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  1. What are good gift ideas for our military over seas?

    This year My family has taken on a project to show our support of our soldiers serving in Iraq. We want to prepare 10 gift holiday boxes for 10 of our troops who don't have much family. We are putting cookies, bread, and making homemade cards. WE WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW what are some other ideas to put in the box. Looking for small gifts that would be appreciated & liked, and that they might not have accesses too. We were thinking maybe a couple of books? . Your input would be most appercited & Thank you in advance for helping. Go USA!! I should also tell you that all 10 soilders are people that know me. I have a couple friends serving over there so I've gotten to know a lot of guys before they left. LOL - To each of them I'm sending them something that I know they'd really like, something personal from me. But my whole family wants to be involved so they want extra ideas since I want it to be a suprise I didn't want to ask them what they wanted.

  2. When do you put Christmas decorations up?

    I've seen so many people getting Christmas decorations up, I think it's way too early! 7-10 days before Christmas is acceptable, in my opinion. Me and my mum have had issues getting them up over recent years anyway, as we have cats and they just attack anything dangling. My mum keeps saying she doesn't want a tree up this year because it will be too much of a pain in the butt if the cats don't leave it alone. As much as I don't think decorations should go up early, I'd be sad if we had nothing at all. BQ: What's your favourite thing about the Christmas holiday period?

  3. Can you describe the feeling Christmas gives you?

    Can you describe the feeling Christmas gives you (regardless of your religious background)? And how did you experience Christmas as a little kid? Having friends and family at home, together with the decorations and lights in the dark (and perhaps the harsh weather outside); Did that awake a feeling of security, love, and unity within you? (And does it still today?) Do you often remember those good old days with the deceased family members on who you looked up to as a child? What comforts you?

  4. When to decorate for Holidays?

    When do you put your decorations out for each holiday? When is too early? Is there such thing as too late? Can I put out Halloween now? (I know I CAN put stuff out whenever I want, but you know...) When do you put yours out?

  5. Wiccans: What are the top 5 items a metaphysical store should carry to keep you as a loyal customer?

    I'm at the beginning stages of working on a business plan to open a metaphysical store in Ontario Canada and I really value your input on what should be provided in order to fullfill the needs of wiccans and other practicing witches. All suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

  6. How do I become a pen pale with a soldier in Afghanistan?

    I really want to be a pen pal with someone who really is not receiving many letters so that one perosn knows there is someone out there thinking about them and appreciating them for what they are doing.. There are many soldiers not receiving letters and I do not want my letter going to someone who receives so many letters. I am not being rude but the soldiers who do not receive many do deserve to receive some letters and I am trying to be that person to send a letter to that one soldier in need of a letter. *person *person

  7. Which is safer for a dog, an artificial tree, or a real tree?

    I have a small dog that 1.5 years old. Last year we had an artificial tree up, and aside from wanting a few of the ornaments, he did okay with it. I am wanting to get a real tree this year, but I am wondering if that may be more dangerous, especially if he tries to ingest the needles (he loves to chew on things). Which is the safer of the two options?

  8. how can i become a penpal with troops overseas?

    my grandma is intrested in writing letters to troops. What are some websites that are real (not scams) and you can send letters/care packages?

  9. I need some ideas for a inexpensive baby shower for my bff, The theme might be baby animals not sure yet.?

    The shower is not until Jan 2012 but with the holidays and personal stuff i need to start planning.Thanks for any feedback