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Holiday Decoration Stores Questions Answered!
  1. How do I find wholesale decoration suppliers?

    I am looking for a way to contact several holiday decoration manufacturers and I can't find the businesses online anywhere. A couple of these are milliken and good tidings.

  2. How many rooms should I get for my house?

    I am planning to purchase a house. It will be a 2 story house with a connecting garage. -No basement: I dislike basements; they're never used and its a place for clutter; I hate clutter. -No Child's bedroom: I've made a conscious choice to not have children at all -Garage: I will store my holiday decorations / stock pile items / sports gear / etc. in here -Living Room: The living room will be the "Entertainment room" The following rooms are what I'd like to have... -Master Bedroom -Office for her -Office for him -Transform a room into a walk in closet Should I consider using the rooms for other things?

  3. What is the cheapest place to buy Christmas lights?

    need to buy outdoor christmas lights...icicle lights and regular string lights as well as come large "ornaments" for outdoor trees. Where is the most inexpensive place to find outdoor holiday decorations near Indianapolis IN?

  4. Where could i find a survaillence camera?

    Someone's been damaging my holiday decoration for 3 years now and i want to find out who does anyone know of one that i could hook up to my computer?

  5. The machine that cuts wood into intricate shapes?

    I am looking for that machine that was being sold on those late night tv advertisements. (as seen on tv product) its cuts wood into shapes like circles, charcters, etc... its not the small handheld one either its bigger than that. Or anything similar I am planning to make and sell holiday decorations from it =) .

  6. In our storage room a holiday decoration began playing on it's own. Can the humidity cause this to happen?

    This is a battery operated unit and has been stored there for two years.