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  1. How to make small house seem more spacious, comforting, and start decorating for the holidays?

    Hi. The title says it all, but to elaborate, I basically want to make my small house more inviting, overly comfortable, and clean. Also, I really want to overdo the whole holiday decorations so that when my parents get home they will feel comfortable, since our house is cluttered with basically no decorations and everything is out of place. we have white walls with white carpets (boring, I know) and I want it to look more festive and colorful, but not tacky. I can't paint or anything, so. Thanks

  2. What can I use to stick decorations to cement board?

    The outside of my business is painted cement board siding. I need to stick foam holiday decorations to it and I'm trying to find something that won't damage it or rip the paint off. I'm toying with the idea of double stick tape of some sort maybe. Any ideas?

  3. What do you do with the Christmas cards that you receive?

    Do you display them? Make them part of the holiday decorations? Tuck them away? Throw them out unopened? We hang them up along our entry stairway to decorate the area. What do you do with them after Christmas is over? We keep all the ones that have pictures of loved ones in a box and the rest are used for next year's Christmas crafts.

  4. Does anyone know a good dropshipper for holiday inflatables or outdoor holiday decorations?I know they exist!

    I see a lot of people on ebay all selling the same holiday inflatables with the same pictures and descriptions and I know they are using a dropshipper. I just for the life of me cannot find one.

  5. What are some fun activities to do with your boyfriend over Christmas break?

    Looking for some fun holiday activities to do over Christmas break. Both college students and don't have a ton of spending money. :) Thanks!

  6. How much did you spend on Christmas 2008, and do you think you will spend more or less on Christmas 2009?

    Approximately what did you spend on Holiday gifts, parties, and decorations this past Christmas and do you think you'll spend more this year, less or about the same?

  7. Should you decorate your house for Christmas if you will be selling it during the holiday season?

    We are going to put our house on the market Mid November. Should we put a few Christmas decorations out? (Very sparingly) or should we keep our fall decor out (very sparing)? We have already "de-cluttered" and "staged" and it looks like pictures from a magazine. Very nice, but what's your opinion on holiday decor?

  8. How do you decorate the outside of your house for the holidays?

    Do you use the same theme yearly? How many lights are on your outdoor christmas tree? Do you get new decorations each year?