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Holiday Decoration Sale Questions Answered!
  1. Are you going to splurge for the holidays or sit home and wait it out?

    Are you planning to stimulate the economy by buying lots of gifts and holiday decorations? Are you planning on eating at home, curling up in front of the fireplace with laptop on, letting the festivities of the season and dept stores blasting Christmas muzak pass you by this year?

  2. How soon is too soon for holiday decorations to go on sale?

    I know it's heading towards the end of the year, but within the last two weeks or so I've noticed stores are putting out holiday things for gifts, decorations, etc. I'm excited for it, but at the same time, I am flabbergasted as to why stores put it out so early. It's somewhat like getting out of school for the summer, only to see Back to School stuff already on sale! How long have they been out in your area? Do people really buy these things so early??

  3. What are your favorite magazine websites to shop for inexpensive gifts, holiday decorations ,house stuff ,etc.

    For example:,, sites like that. I am looking for cheap halloween, christmas, and other holiday decorations online.

  4. Determining whether these problems solved using the formula for an arithmetic/geometric sequence or series?

    You don't have to solve, but I would like to know whether they use a arithmetic series or sequence formula or a geometric series or sequence formula an *explanation* why on each of these problems. 1. Jackie deposited $5 into a checking account in February. For each month following, the deposit amount was doubled. How much money was deposited in the checking account in the month of August? 2. A local grocery store stacks the soup cans in such a way that each row has 2 fewer cans than the row below it. If there are 32 cans on the bottom row, how many total cans are on the bottom 14 rows? 3. A major US city reports a 12% increase in decoration sales during the yearly holiday season. If decoration sales were 8 million in 1998, how much did the city report in total decoration sales by the end of 2004? (I think this one is geometric series but I'm not sure why.) 4. A fireplace contains 46 bricks along its bottom row. If each row above decreases by 4 bricks, how many bricks are on the 12th row?

  5. What should I ask for on my christmas wishlist?

    Im a fifteen year old girl. I am a directioner, I love Ireland and England. I also like taylor swift, ed sheeran, and olly murs. My favorite stores are hollister, abercrombie, brandy melville, american eagle, and urban outfitters. I love cute little christmas things like christmas mugs and cute holiday decorations. My favorite colors are pink and blue. Im also a competitive figure skater. I love movies, especially chick flicks and holiday movies. Im also really into like working out and staying fit. I love cute iphone cases. So ya, what do you think i should ask for on my christmas wishlist?

  6. How does one become a Theme Event Decorator/Designer?

    Decorating parties, balls,and celebrations in historical period themes. Also decorating homes and offices with holiday decorations. All serious information would be appreicated.

  7. Can someone explain to me why people start getting into Christmas so early?

    I mean like every year, I start to hear about Christmas, and see Christmas decorations for sale, months before the actual date. I mean its still a month and ten days away? I mean, I have nothing against it, I am just curious why it starts so early, don't really understand...

  8. What are your thoughts on the premature selling of holiday decorations in stores?

    Okay, this must be addressed: Some stores are *way* overeager when it comes to selling holiday stuff. I mean, a week ago, I was at my local grocery store, and I saw Halloween stuff. I mean, what? Don't get me wrong, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this is a pretty early time to be having this stuff out, right? And don't even get me started on Christmas. Once, I swear to God here, I saw Christmas decorations being sold in July. FREAKING JULY. What is that? So yeah, personally, this drives me nuts. Decorations/various stuff for holidays should not be sold until a week before the month it starts in comes around. (So for example on September 24th is when Halloween stuff should starting hitting the shelves) In hindsight this doesn't matter but I feel it should be at least addressed. What do you think?

  9. Where would I begin to organize my basement in a neat and orderly fashion, no furniture involved?

    I have boxes of garage sale stuff, car parts, tools, Christmas stuff, and the hard to do anything with memories of pictures and yearbooks, ect. I'm wanting to use plastic tubs or shelves. I'm not sure which would be the most inexpensive or if there could be something even better. Is wood shelving or metal better on a concrete floor, that might at times get alittle moister, due to heavy rain coming in a window. please help!

  10. What is a creative, elegant but inexpensive way to decorate your home (outside) for the holidays?

    Our neighborhood has a competition for Christmas lights/decoration during the holidays. We just moved in, so don't have much of a budget for this, but would like to participate in the fun. I love lights and decorations!