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  1. Where can I find lighted holiday decorations?

    I would like to decorate my windows and porch for all the holidays not just Christmas. Where does one find the lighted silhouettes of cupids, hearts, shamrocks, easter icons etc? Our local walmart and kmart don't seem to carry anything but Christmas. There must be a catalog but my web search hasn't been very productive. Can anyone help?

  2. What kind of people get depressed during the holidays?

    I do, even a week before Thanksgiving in the States, I am hearing Christmas music played in the stores. Decorations, candy, loads of catalogues in the mail. I won't go into a shopping mall. I get sad during the holidays. I am allready dreading the rest of the year. Maybe it is just me getting older, but I look less forward to this time of year every year. I know I am not the only one, but why, I mean, what kind of people do get depressed this time of year, Thanks for the answers.

  3. How to keep your dog from playing with christmas tree ornaments?

    Hi everyone Happy Holidays, my dog thinks that the ornaments are toys and she picks them and play with them when I'm out of the apartment, my tree is medium sized and I put it on a table, she can jump on nearby furniture and picks them up, what should I do to make her understand that they are not toys, help please, and please note that I have very little space okay she doesn't get hurt at all they are all palstic, I'm just worried about the tree decoration being ruined, but there is no danger for her at all, I just want a way to teach her that these are not toys, I just don't know how I can make her understand this I'm Orthodox my christmas is on 7th of janurary Lizzie you gave me a great idea about the gates thing thank you and trust me I know my dog I know those ornaments can't hurt her, and I love my dog more than anything in the world I just wanted to figure out a way to teach her that those aren't toys or keep her away from it and you gave a great idea not gonna do it exactly but it inspired me to do something similar, so thank you again

  4. How to decorate my gold Christmas tree with things to honor the real reason for the season: Jesus Christ?

    We bought a gold Christmas tree last year after Christmas was over for half off... I have no interest in having anything Santa around until my children are old enough to understand the real reason for this season is Jesus Christ. So I want to decorate my house and tree to honor Jesus but really don't have any good ideas. I'm also interested in being creative and making our own decorations is a possibility. Thanks for any tips!!

  5. what are some cool ideas for a tim burton nightmare before chrstmas birthday party?

    My going to be 13 year old daughter is having a nightmare before christmas party but they dont sell decorations for that and i need ideas! can anybody help me please?

  6. what are some good fund raising ideas for a high school science club?

    my school's science club is looking for some ideas to earn money. we'd like to stay away from food sales and catalog sales. we were thinking about stuff we could do around the town and in the community. we have; raking leaves, silent auction, help bake for holidays, hang Christmas lights/ decorations, wrap presents, decorate trees, shovel sidewalks/driveways. any other ideas would be great :)

  7. Does anyone know of any catalogs or online sites that have pretty holiday decor for the home?

    I'm not into "country" decorating at all. Was just looking for some Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things for the house, I love to shop online...and wondered if anyone had any info! Catalogs would be fine too... Thanks in advance!

  8. My school is having a fundraiser and i need help selling items. Any tips for a thirteen year old?

    I'm trying to sell items from this catalog for a school fundraiser. I'm not very good at selling items and hopefully I can get some good tips. I'm only thirteen so yeah...any help would be appreciated(: Thanks! best answer gets 10 points

  9. Any beautiful centerpieces for my living room?

    Do you know of any beautiful centerpieces that I can use to decorate my living room? No paintings, candles, or candle holders please.

  10. I have some questions about a Halloween party idea?

    Does anyone have any creative and inexpensive ideas on how to create props, items, etc, for a Slaughterhouse themed Halloween party.