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New Year Party Invitations Questions Answered!
  1. Need some cute wording for an End of the year party invitation?

    My 11 year old daughter is having an end of the year party with a few friends. And I need some help with some wording for the invitations. It will be a beach themed pool party with an inflatable waterslide. Any ideas?

  2. Do my daughter need dress up as a pixie when she receive a pixie and pirate birthday party invitation?

    My daughter (5 years old) received a birthday party invitation for a six years old girl, the invitation shows a Pixie and Pirate party, does it usually mean every girl need dress up like a pixie to attend birthday party? Do adults need dress up? If so, can you give me some idea what the pixie and pirate really mean. Thank you.

  3. Where do you go online to print your own birthday party invitations?

    I have always bought birthday party invitations in the past. This year, I would like to print my own invitations, for my sons Birthday party. He want's to have a Kung Fu Panda party. Is there any websites or good software to do this?

  4. Birthday Party Invitations for my going to be 3 yr old Nephew?

    Does anyone know of any good sites that I can either order or make and print birthday party invitations for my soon to be 3 year old nephew? He loves lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. :) Anything along those lines would be cute. Thanks!

  5. How do I invite my crush to my end of the school year party?

    Ok. Let me give you the details. I don't want to hand out stupid party invitations to him and his buds because they are lame, trust me! I am a little hesitant about going up to him and inviting him because i'm kinda a shy person. Please give me a way to invite him and his guy friends without sounding really awkward or showing the whole world that I like him?

  6. What is difference between sending a txt and sending an invitation by post?

    I wanna invite people for my son's birthday party, but most of the party invitations i see are very fancy, and people send it through post, last year i sent txt messages.. what is the difference? is it nicer to send a card via post?

  7. How would I word presents are optional for my daughter's first birthday party?

    Hi. My daughter is one in a few weeks and I am just about to send out her birthday party invitations. We are having an afternoon tea with mostly family and a few friends. I know family will all bring presents. How do I word for our friends' invitation that presents are optional. I just feel that people are always forking out for gifts in the first year of a babys' life (birth, Baptism etc.). I do know that if they want to bring a gift they will but I just don't want them to feel obligated. In advance, thanks!

  8. How do I properly word an invitation as to what gifts I want for my daughter?

    My daughter, Sydney, will be turning two in July. She has more clothes than she will ever be able to wear. I would like to request learning toys, books, games, videos, etc., instead of clothing, which is what everyone got her last year. How do I word this on the party invitations without sounding rude and demanding? Okay, okay, we've determined that it would be rude and tacky. Thank you so much for your input. I am not charging admission as Goldwing hatefully suggested. I am not demanding presents, its just that so many people have ask me what they should get her, I thought it would help if I made suggestions on the invitation.

  9. Can you help me with the wording on a goodbye / farewell party invitation?

    Just got married last month. One of us is moving to Michigan for a doctoral program. One is not moving until December of this year. Party for family and friends. We want everyone to bring a dish to share because we are broke! Thanks!