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  1. How much is new year in orlando universal park?

    Hey, we are going to Florida for new year 2013/2014 to universal studios, and I have heard that they do a new year party, is there any way of finding out how much and how to book tickets?

  2. How would the UK Conservative Party vote on the issue of initiating a referendum to move to proportional...?

    Representation in the House of Commons by the year 2014? No, right? But why? Thanks!

  3. How do I go about planning a sweet sixteen party?

    I'm planning a sweet sixteen for July of 2014. I'm looking for a few guidelines and tips. I'm planning on it being very girly and glittery. It is going to be in a big hall with about 50-70 people. (Advice on food and decorations would be very helpful)

  4. Will a UKIP victory in 2014 EU elections change domestic policy?

    The Pundits are backing UKIP to win the most MEP's in next years European Parliamentary elections. After the County Council elections this year, the mainstream parties began to take UKIP seriously and many of their announcements were clearly aimed at deflecting voters from moving across to UKIP. On the same day as the EU elections, a large amount of Borough Council elections will also take place, and UKIP are planning to contest as many wards as possible. They have also announced that they will contest every single Parliamentary seat in the General Election of 2015. Surely with these commitments and the numbers involved in order to launch such campaigns, the big boys must be taking them very seriously ahead of the results. If UKIP do win out in the EU elections, do you think that we will see even more UKIP'esk policy promises being made by Tory boy and MilliBLAND. I don't care what the Lib Dems have to say, because I strongly suspect that they will already have become the 4th party in the UK by then. Further, if UKIP trounce the Lib Dems at local elections, do you think that the Tory and Labour strategists, will start to take them seriously as a potential Coalition Ally. Let's face it, after MilliBLAND's announcements about power prices (however unworkable they have proved popular), Tory boy has had his chief snivverler Hunt, (Sounds like), announce £600 million more for expensive cancer treatment (populist or what), something he would never have done otherwise. So do you think we can see a rake of pretend policies from all sides if UKIP do well? You and me both G(F)B I think you should change your name to "Roger the dodger of the question" I asked would it change some policies, nothing to do with translation of votes to domestic elections, RTFQ my boy Mac the Knife As usual a well thought out answer and a good angle on the investment front, however to stay with the question, I actually do think it would have some effect, 137 County Council seats won this year was never going to affect the status quo but the big boys did start to make noises, you rightly point out that the EU elections should have no effect per say, but again I believe that the big boys will perceive a growing support for UKIP and again, may start to make noises, and as we will be closer to the elections then I think those noises will be significant

  5. Could the Democratic Party be badly damaged in the 2014 congressional and 2016 presidential election?

    Will Barack Obama's 2nd presidential term mean the Republicans/GOP make gains in Congress in 2014 by winning a Senate majority and increase their majority in the House of Representatives by 20 to 25 seats? Then in 2016, will the Republican presidential nominee win by a fairly wide margin (300 to 350 electoral votes) and the GOP win at least 60 Senate seats, enough to stop Democrat filibusters?

  6. How can I throw a 50th birthday party for my single parent mother?

    I'm trying to have a big surprise party for my mother. She is a single parent mother and i just want to throw her a big party but I have no money AND only have support of my grandmother and sister. I just need a few ideas and help on what to do. I am from Hempstead, New York. I just want to know if there are any party planners or anything that can help in this event for my mother. PS. she is turning 50 IN 2 YEARS but i wanted to start planning now. Her birthday is february 13th. She will be 49 in 2013 and after that 2014 she will be 50. So PLEAAASE help me !!!!!!!!

  7. Who do you think will be the top presidential candidates for both parties in 2016?

    Romney doesn't have a prayer at defeating Obama this year. And I do not see Joe Biden seeking the 2016 nomination. That means two fresh faces for 2016.

  8. How high should heels be for a 15 year old?

    My brother is getting married and his engagement party is in November, I was wondering how high heel you think is appropriate for a 15 year old girl? Walking in them is no problem, also his wedding is in January of 2014 so I will be 16 then, how high of a heel do you think is appropriate for a 16 year old? Thanks so much for all your help! All answers are so appreciated!