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  1. What party games could i play with 200 11-13 year olds?

    I am hosting a christmas party along with other people and i don't know what games i can do for 200 11-13 year olds because some party games may be boring for them...HELP!

  2. What are some good indoor party games for 3 year old girls?

    I am planning a princess party for a ton of 3 year old girls. it was going to be outside, but since its raining, we are going to do it indoor. i only have a half an hour to find some games! any good party games for 3 year old girls that has something to do with princesses? thanks!

  3. What are some good birthday party games?

    I am a 13 year old girl and I am curious what some good party games would be....FYI at my birthday pparty it will just be me and my BFF, she is also 13.

  4. What somewhat sexuall games can me and some friends do at my end of year party?

    I'm having an End Of The Year Party at my house on the 22nd. I have a big backyard but not alot of room. I need a few somewhat sexual games to play but theres 7 girls and 4 boys so what can we do? All the games dont have to be sexual by the way, i dont want them to think im some kind of freak lol

  5. What party games can you play at a 4 yr old boys party?

    I am throwing my son his first birthday party and we have invited his school friends. I just don't know what fun party games to do with a bunch of 4 year olds? We have found a pin the pirate on the treasure chest but that's it? Please help.

  6. What are some good party games for teens?

    My friend is having an end of the year party on saturday and he needs some help thinking up party games.

  7. What is a fun christmas or new years party game to play for teens?

    i'm 16 and i'm throwing a christmas party and a new years party over break and i wanted some ideas for some fun games to play =]

  8. What are good party games for a group of about 20ish?

    Okay, so im having an end of the year (school year) party in my backyard, music,snacks, bunch of people etc. I live across the street from a big park, the guests ages are 13-14, what are some good games to play in the park/backyard (like capture the flag)

  9. What are the best new fun party games for the Wii?

    Best party games released this year? I just got Wii Party and I want to check out other recently released games. Only recently released since I own a lot from last year and before.