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  1. What is the Best Ski Resort to stay at in New England?

    My boyfriend, another couple and i are planning on going away over New Years Eve. We want to stay at a ski resort and be able to ski. We are two young couples and would like to have things around us to go do. We were thinking of Loon in NH but not reconsidering. Are there any suggestions on what mountain and resort and if there are things to go close by. Thank You!

  2. How to fix a pull in a sweater?

    Okay I just tried on my shirt for new years eve and it has a run/pull in it. Its a very fine knit metallic shirt I ordered from victorias secret. It is 62%silk, 15%cotton, 15%polyester, 8%metallic. I think I can tuck the little pull back through the sweater with a needle, but its the run that looks awful. I tried to pull and stretch it a little to fix it but it did nothing. And suggestions??

  3. What are any good ideas for a display project?

    I have to select any topic of my own to do a bulletin board and I can't decided what is a good topic to do. And I want it to be a good topic that people will be interested. For example: drugs,back to school, new year's eve, red ribbon day, holidays and etc.

  4. What is the final quote from the movie "new years eve"?

    I can't remember the exact quote and I have searched everywhere on the Internet to find it...the quote is right before the dance scene when the credits are rolling if that helps at all

  5. Religiously Ruminating™ Why are devout Christians always so anxious and fearful?

    I mean, they are constantly asking "Is it OK for me to have a glass of champagne on New Years eve?" "I'm a Methodist. Would God approve if I marry a Catholic?" "I'm a single Christian mother. Should I date?" "Is dancing at a nightclub a sin?" In situations where most of us just take a deep breath and work things out, the most devout Christians seem to be hyperventilating until their fellow Christians can quote some Bible verses at them. Why do the simplest of life's situations leave them so desperate for help?

  6. Bangkok Dec 31 2006 22 hours only, What to Do/ Eat/ Transport How much money would you take?

    Hi, My wife and I are staying at the sofatel silom in Bangkok for New years eve. We are only there for 22 hours in total, flying onto Melbourne so a load of the options that would have been open to us we cannot do. Also remember after a 10 Hour Flight and another one the next day, we don't really want a long night or go a long way from the hotel. 1) Where to eat, patpong market? 2) Best option taxi/ public transport? 3) How much Thai money would you take (I know about the 300 Baht for getting out of the country? 4) What do I "HAVE TO" do? We arrive about 1530 hrs

  7. What are some famous quotes that support banning abortion?

    I need a quote to focus on banning abortion. It doesn't have to be really famous, but said by a person in higher status. Can anyone help me please?

  8. what is that quote that josh duhamel says in the new years eve movie?

    when hes at that masqurade party, he mentions something his dad used to say and it was something like: what would you do knowing you wouldnt do it. i want to know the correct quote for it though.

  9. What are your favorite quotes from Harry Potter and the Prisinor of Azkaban?

    It is my favorite book in the HP series and I was just wondering what your favorite quotes are. They can be funny, serious, romantic, important to the plot, or whatever else you want them to be! Best answer to the person with the most quotes =)

  10. New shingles roof required - what does the work inlcude? what items should be includes in the quote?

    I need a new roof – the insurance company told me (it’s an old investment property). What should be include in the quote from the contractor? what does replacing a new shingles roof include? (i.e. is there a layer under the shingles that needs to be replaced?, etc.). THANKS.