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New Year Eve In New York Questions Answered!
  1. What to do on new years eve in new york? We are 21 years old?

    Does anyone live in New York or have been there before for new years eve before? Can anyone suggest a good club/venue we can go to where people will our age will party? We know that there is the ball drop, but we have heard that you have to camp outside to obtain a decent view. Thanks!

  2. What to do for a romantic new years eve for two in New York?

    Having a visitor from Europe over for new years in New York, and I need to arrange for new years eve celebration. Have to be, above all, romantic and classy and fun. Where to go for good food, romantic atmosphere, crowd in their 30-40ties?

  3. What is the best hotel in New York City to watch the ball drop from on New Years Eve?

    I'm interested in going to New York with my boyfriend to spend New Years Eve there. We would like to know which hotel in Times Square would provide the best view from the balcony. Can anyone give us suggestions?

  4. how much should i save for new years eve in new york?

    I want to take my girlfriend to new york for new years eve for 2012. How much money should i save up.

  5. How far and advance would I have to make a hotal reservation in times square for new years eve?

    I couple of my single guy friends are thing about coming to new york to see the ball drop in times square next year. How far and advance would I have to make a hotal reservation in times square for new years eve?

  6. What is the Best/reasonably priced hotel to stay at in New York City for New Years Eve?

    I'm turning 21 on New Years Eve and want to celebrate the right way. I feel like Atlantic City is just a little overrated. I rather live in luxury for a few days and get to be a part of the ball dropping , on my birthday ! As a college student I feel like $450 Max a night would be what I'm looking for.

  7. Can anyone give me advice for Time Square on New Years Eve?

    Me and my buddy are traveling to New York for New Years Eve and I am wondering where would be the best place to go. Money is not a real issue. We really want to see the ball drop in Times Square. Thanks for you help!

  8. What fun and exciting activities New Years Eve activities are there to do in NYC?

    Well this is the last new years eve im spending here before i go off to college. I wanted to go to 106&park new years eve show but their tickets were sold out so i now need other plans but i don't know what to do.

  9. What are some free events that go on during New Years Eve?

    My friends & I are going to New York on New Years Eve and we are trying to do something fun that will not break our pockets. We were about to go clubbing, but it costs like $50-$100 for admission. Um No! So does anyone know any fun places or parties that are happening that day for reasonable prices???!!