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New Year Eve Appetizers Questions Answered!
  1. What are some good appetizer recipes for New Years Eve?

    I need some News Years Eve appetizers or ordeve recipes for tonight but I need quick,adult friendly, and kid friendly ones please because I need them for a big party tonight ASAP and please no joking around this is a serious matter and I would like recipes only no links to food websites I just want the recipes Please no fishy food Please no fishy food

  2. Mini lox for new years eve?

    I'm planning on making mini lox as an appetizer for a new years eve party. Anyone have any clever suggestions on what i can put the toppings on? The natural choice would be mini bagels, but I was just wondering if anyone out there had a more clever idea.

  3. New Year's Eve appetizers ideas while on a budget?

    Any ideas for quick, easy, and possibly not so expensive appetizers I can serve my family for New Year's Eve? Kid friendly would be nice too, since I have a toddler at home. Thanks!

  4. How much food for a Ney Years Eve Reception?

    Okay! I am having a New Years Eve Wedding and Reception. The wedding may be at a different location and a few hours later. I want to have lots of hors d'oeuvres. But there will also be actual Nice food for buffett/sit down meal. The Reception will start at like 7/8 till about 12:45. 1 Beef 1 chicken 1 type of Fish with a salad and like 2 sides. there will be Shrimp on the hors d'oeuvres tables. Any suggestions.

  5. Ideas for a New Years Dinner?

    Hey, I want to make a New Years Eve dinner for my parents and my grandmother-- a 3 course meal with dessert, an appetizer, and a main course. I want something that looks difficult to make and tastes great, but is relatively easy to make. Desert should be something like creme brule, and price isn't really a problem. I do want to the use fois gras that I have. Thanks so much!

  6. Will you please share with me any ideas for fix early and keep warm (maybe crock pot) appetizers for?

    a NEW YEARS EVE party we are going to have? I want something warm because it's so cold out.

  7. Im on a budget and i need ideas for appetizer for tonight! What can i do?

    I dont want to spend more then $30 what can i do for appetizer for tonights new years eve party?

  8. What are some snacks that are good and easy to make??

    I'm having a new years eve party and I need some snacks that are good, and easy to make, all before new years eve.

  9. Does anybody have a quick and easy recipe using canned crab meat?

    I going to an New Years Eve party tomorrow night and I want to make an appetizer using canned crab meat. I would prefer the appetizer to be cold. Thanks!!!!!!!!!