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New Year Eve 2013 Questions Answered!
  1. If you have a hotel in times square for new years,will you be able to see from your hotel room?

    I am planning to visit new york for new years eve 2013,which hotels have a view of times square? and is it possible to stand and watch from the hotel room?

  2. who will be performing live at new years eve 2013 in New York City?

    ok guys im trying to figure out if lady gaga will be performing at the new years eve ball drop 2013. and also does anyone know if lady gaga will perform at the z100 Jingle Ball at Masidosn Square Garden? please let me know what you think of know about these events, thanks alot everyone :)

  3. Shortly before the start of the year 2013 I saw a strange dream.?

    As we all know the new year 2013 is also known as the year of the snake. So here is my situation - a few days before the new year eve I saw a dream - In the dream I was bitten by a snake. Snake have bitten me in the hand. Maybe someone could give me some meaning of this dream from the esoteric or astrological point of view? Thank you! Sorry for my English. It is not my native language.

  4. What will the gold price be by the end of 2013?

    Calling all gold bugs and investors! what do you think the spot gold price will be by New Year's Eve, 2013? The institutional investors are pretty bearish, I wonder if individuals are feeling different.

  5. What do people usually do on new year eve and the days after ?

    Hi,it is new year eve tonight and I'm from Asia and just wondering that what people in the states (western people in general) do on this occasion :) How long do you celebrate this event (I mean how long are you officially off work?).In my country,we celebrate our traditional new year (usually a month after western new year) during more than a week.

  6. What time will you start drinking as its new years eve?

    What time will you start drinking as its new years eve? Also what will you be drinking? I will be drinking my home distilled rum tonight. I will get one of the most aged rums I have. Not sure about the time.

  7. what causes 2 horses to die within 3 days of each other suddenly?

    I got a call from a friend that has horses at our stall rental facility on New years eve ( 2013) that my daughters horse was dead in his stall. He was half in and half out of his stall ( laying down though ). When we went to feed the night before, he was fine, took hay outta my hand and ate no problems. Well, last night when feeding the other 2 of our horses we cleaned out my daughters horses stall and removed his feeder and notice mucus on his water trough. He has choked on his hay a couple times before and he would have mucus come out of his nose, so we thought that he just died from choking. This afternoon, around the same time we got a call that our 3 year old tennesee walker was dead in his stall. The horses were stall neighbors. He had no problems the night prior or signs of anything wrong. He kicked his feeder down, but all his food was gone, but left some hay. Some mucus was found coming out of his nose and my husband noticed blood out of his rectum. We have one horse left, across the stall barn that will be removed in the morning. Can anyone help me with a possible cause? Poisioned? or could they possibly BOTH coliced so close together? Im devastated!!

  8. Things to do for New Year 2013 in Munich?

    Me and a friend were planning a trip to Munich for the upcoming New Year and was hoping for some insight of the best things to do on New Years Eve. This is really aimed at people who have previously been there on New Years Eve and I don't want any suggestions of a pub crawl or some nightclub with teenagers. But thanks in advance.