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West New Years Eve Questions Answered!
  1. How does New Years Eve work on the west coast?

    I live on the east coast and I've always wonder how New Years Eve is on the west coast, like in California or something. So we watch the Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve thingy on tv and we watch the ball drop and all. It's all live. But you know how California is 3 hours later than us? How do they watch it? Like will they watch our leftovers? You know what I mean? Basically, will they watch an already filmed version of the ball dropping and all? It won't be live right? It's not like the ball is going to drop a second time in Times Square New York for the west coast people right? I've always wondered this lol Thanks!

  2. How do ppl in west coast watch the ball drop on new years eve?

    Well since theres a time difference how do people in the west coast watch the new years eve in times square on tv? Or do they just watch it when its not live..or do you just not watch it at idk

  3. How much does a standard 2 queen/full bed hotel room typically run on New Years Eve/days before?

    Must be along the strip/preferably center or near center strip Possibly day or two before and day after new years eve 2011 I realize prices from this year will prob go up because of inflation for next year but I'd just like to have a general idea so I can start saving/planning.

  4. What Colleges in the Mid west are famous for certain holidays?

    Ok, I'm planning on going to Madison for Halloween, and anyone up in the Mid West will tell you, That IS the place to be for Halloween. What I was wondering is what other colleges are famous for certain celebrations? I've heard for Oktoberfest that the University of MN is the place to be. I've also heard that the University of North Dakota is the place to be for New years eve. Does anyone know of any other places to be for certain occasions?

  5. I will be in Sydeny for New Years Eve and Day, does anyone have any sugestions of where to go and what to do?

    I will be 22 and visiting for my first time in Sydney, Australia during New Years Eve and New Years Day. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations of where to go or what to do?

  6. Are the following events celebrated in the West not celebrated in Japan?

    Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve/Day. I ask because I've noticed music singles and albums are released on Christmas Eve and New Years Day, even from big artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki. It seems an unusual time to release new material, especially on Christmas Eve. I mean not celebrated as much as they are in the West. I wasnt asking if they arent celerated at all.

  7. What's the weather like in Key West over Christmas and New Years?

    I was in Key West once before in June, and it was very warm. I'm going again just after Christmas over New YEars eve. How warm will it be, and more importantly, what's the water like? Is it warm bough to enjoy snorkeling or will I feel like I'm freezing my a$$ off? Thanks in advance.

  8. How to get to Toronto from Burlington on new years?

    I don't know how i'm going to get home from my girlfriend's house on new years eve. The trains stop running out of Aldershot at like 11:07 and I don't have my G2 yet. Taking a taxi is really really expensive ($105.00) Is there any way I could get home other than driving? Any help would be great!

  9. How can I get back to Richmond Or Kingston Stations From London Late Tonight after new years celebrations?

    I am not sure if the train service running from waterloo to either richmond, surbiton or kingston will be working and it is difficult to find out on the website. Please could someone advise me as I have heard it is packed on New years eve in London. Thanks I would rather get the train to be honest. Where can i find if the specific train services are running?

  10. What songs can you dance jitterbug to?

    My fiance and I are planning a New Years Eve wedding with Old Hollywood flare. And we were thinking about learning the jitterbug for our first dance. We wanted to do it to a modern song, though. I think Christina Agulaira remade "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and I thought that might be good. Any other suggestions?