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New Years Eve Parties Questions Answered!
  1. How can I go about having a New Years Eve Party?

    Me and my flatmate are thinking of throwing a new years eve party in our flat (halls). I've never been one to throw a house party or anything (usually because of my parents) but now I've got the option to have it somewhere else it would be great. How would i go about throwing this party without too many people being there and it getting out of hand? How much alcohol should I get/food etc? Any tips really!? Thanks in advance!

  2. Where could I organise a New Years Eve party other than at a club or at a home?

    I would like to organise a New Years Eve party, but I know my parents wont let me hold it at our house. And I would rather not do it at a friend's house. Apart from going to a club, has anyone got any other ideas on options I could use?

  3. What should i wear to a casual new years eve party with my boyfriend?

    my friend is having a new years eve party, of about 7 people, but me and my boyfriend are gonna be there, and i want to know what i should wear.. me and my friend cant decide between pjs and camisoles or jeggings and a tee shirt. there will probably be danceing and its indoor, so i dont really want to wear anything over my armpits.. any suggestions? also you can suggest something that isnt pjs or jeggings, i just want some ideas!

  4. How to get permission to go to new years eve party?

    I recently lied to my mom alott and lost her trust, There is a new years eve party at my friends house and i reallly want to go. I've been cleaning alot and i usually never do. How can i get her to trust me and say yes? And what are some chores i can do? Thanks !

  5. What to wear to a highschool new years eve party?

    Im 16, a sophomore and I was invited to a new years eve party by my friend whos a senior. Most of the people there are gonna be seniors/freshmen in college so I want to make a good impression and especially not be looked at as a little kid. what do I wear on new years eve to a high school party. does it make a differance whether its a big or small party? thanks and happy new year!

  6. How To Sound Proof A Room For New Years Eve Party?

    I'm planning to host a New Years Eve party for several of my friends, but i am afraid that we might become too loud. My neighborer live right beside me and are we are only separated by a wall. The owners, who live above us, said that they were okay with it since they weren't going to be home. Any idea on how i could sound proof my place?

  7. What should I wear to a trendy New Years Eve party?

    I know its a couple months away, but Ive never been to a trendy New Years Eve party where people actually dress up...I know I dont want to wear a suit, but I want to look sharp for a change. (Im usually in a tshirt and jeans). Any suggestions? Should I just go to Express and have them help me?

  8. What should i wear to the new years eve party?

    Ok, so, i know its short notice but tomorrow im going to a new years eve party and im not sure whether to wear my smock top and jeans or any ideas? sorry i dont have any images of the outfit but im not too sure. by the way i am 14 years old and im not huge but im not exactly slim.

  9. are there any cheap places to rent out for a new years eve party in london?

    are there any really cheap hotel rooms or hostels or apartments that rent out on new years eve? i was planning to do a new years eve party with about 30 people each spending about £10 each on the room why not?